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5 Tips to sending killer emails

by amol238

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Email marketing has taken a back seat and is now the ugly cousin of social media. But did you know that emails still have a high ROI than any other digital marketing channel – be it Social Media or Search Engine marketing.

Emailing Marketing has proven to be an effective tool to make that sale or the first customer connect. Sales guru Marc Wayshak in the below video offers 5 tips that will super charge your emails ensuring better open rates and CTRs.

Tip 1 – How to get high open rates:
– The basic of any email campaign is how do you get the recipient to open your mail ? According to Marc this is the most critical aspect of your strategy and I agree with him . If no one opens you mail, then no one reads your mail.

Who is the mail from and the subject line are important elements to ensure high open rates, Mark says work hard on the subject line of your mail and use non salesy language.

Tip 2 – Personalize your content:
– Personalization is an added weapon in your arsenal, use it to target the right audience with relevant messaging, its proved that personlization has a better impact on open rates than a non personalized message.

Tip 3 : Use the KISS principle:
– Keep It Sort and Simple – short and relevant content get more opens. With more than 70 % of mails being opened on mobiles its important to ensure that the content is short and relevant. 5 – 7 lines is a maximum that you should have for mails to be effective.

Tip 4 – Offer Value:
– If there is no value in what you selling then you’re not going to be able to sell anything. Emphasis on what the problem is and how your product will solve the problem. This will help you differentiate from your competitors.

Tip 5: Use a hook
Use a content hook to drive your message, numbers and percentages work best to let used know the extent of success, or use the ‘Did you know that’ approach. It always works when you have a hook that is relevant to your message and your product

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