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5 reasons why Aweber is the best email marketing tool for bloggers

by amol238

Email Marketing - Aweber

Whether you’re a novice or an expert blogger, you would have realized that more than anything, your email subscribers are your greatest asset.

They are the foundation from which you can develop your product and establish a guaranteed income.

It is therefore crucial to be equipped with the best software to handle the inflow so that you can attract and handle email subscribers effectively and create lasting relationships.

Among a plethora of email tools, Aweber is one of the top email tool for bloggers. Here’s why

Automatic Feed Newsletters:

– If you have a blog, you most probably also have an RSS feed which lets your blog communicate to other services and newsreaders.

Aweber has the option to automatically take your feed & convert your RSS into email marketing newsletters! You can even set the intervals you want them to be sent on.

What’s more, this RSS to email feature is available for all blogs, irrespective of what blogging platform you use.

Automatic follow-ups:
– Blogger-reader relationships are vital for maintaining blog success and strengthening this relationship will ensure perpetually devoted readers.

Aweber allows you to set up automatic follow-up e-mails, which you can customize; Perhaps sending a “Thank you for the download” email, which will be delivered in set intervals is a great example.

Subscriber management:
– With software available for the purpose of managing your increasing subscriber list, Aweber provides easy-to-use and neat tools to not only collect but also manage and import subscribers efficiently. You can even monitor who signs up, when and from which location.

Professional e-mail templates:
– No matter how great your content undoubtedly is, a casual and cheap template of your e-mails to subscribers may just throw them off. Keep a simple, elegant and more importantly, professional e-mail template can increase your subscribers’ confidence in you.

Test e-mails:
– There could be nothing more embarrassing than a message typo or an article mishap of some sort. With aweber, you needn’t worry as there happens to be a test e-mail feature which allows you to check emails before you send them.

Aweber powers this blog, I use the tool to communicate regularly with my newsletter subscribers.

If you want to build a community on your blog, I recommend you to sign up with Aweber.

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John Crook May 8, 2015 - 2:50 am


I started a new blog before last month now I am working on email list building, these days i am using optin monster plugin for list building, these day I am using Mailchimp for email automation, I think this is a god alternative of aweber. thanks so much for this great article.

John Crook

Vicky May 13, 2015 - 11:46 pm

Well yes aweber is the most popular email marketing tool for bloggers and I have used a while ago for my new blog promotion and it did give me good results as expected.


Sally July 27, 2015 - 11:05 am

Awesome Post. Informative tips there to market your business on email through aweber. And i agree that it totally helps with increasing one’s business visibility.


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