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Now create multiple copies of an email draft in Gmail

by amol238

Duplicate Messages in Gmail

My blogger friend Amit Agarwal has created a super app for Gmail that will help you send individual mails to multiple recipients without having to bcc them – no it’s not spammy, it’s resourceful and awesome.

With this app you can send the same email to many people / multiple recipients  without having to write it again. – Sounds complicated ?? – no it isn’t.

The app integrates with your Gmail Inbox on the mobile and desktop and give you the option to create personalized mails.

How to create personalized messages with Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail Inbox and compose a message
  • Save the composed message as a draft
  • Grant access to Amit’s app Duplicate Gmail Drafts ( app written with Google scripts)
  • Let the app do it’s magic

It’s important to grant access to the app, once access is granted it will create copies of mails in your draft. Once the copies are created you can go ahead and personalize them before you click on send.

You can create upto 5 messages in your draft folder at a time, if you need to increase the number of recipients to your messages you can use the mail merge option from Google Sheets.

The subject line, mail body and attachments remain the same, only the name of the recipient can be changed. With this app you can now send invites to your next birthday bash using the above steps without having to bcc recipients.

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