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Good Morning Sunday: 6 FIFA World Cup 2014 Ads that will make you watch the game

by amol238

Nike FIFA World Cup Ad

We featured the McDonalds FIFA ad last Sunday and got a super response to the same. Thanks for all the mails and DMs on Twitter 🙂 keep them coming…

With the Soccer fever still on, lets look at 6 FIFA World Cup 2014 Ads that will make you watch the game.

1) Beats by Dr. Dre

Audio equipment maker Beats by Dr Dre released a 5 minute commercial feature some of the FIFA stars Neymar, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Daniel Sturridge are amongst the few who make the commercial look great.

Total You Tube views: 19,890,824

2) Nike – The Last Game

“Risk Everything” – Nike’s World Cup tag line is the basis of this ad. An animated feature where “clones” play with the real stars make the Nike ads watchable and interesting.

Total You Tube views: 57,638,720

3) Nike – Winner Stays

Featuring some of the top stars Nike seems to be running this ad alongwith the above under the “Risky Everythng” baseline.

Total You Tube views: 83,466,615

4) ESPN – Time Zone

It’s all about the sprite and celebration of the World Cup, every four year the world has one Time Zone. Let’s all watch the game together

Total You Tube views: 709,893

5) Adidas – The Dream – All in or nothing

The ad features some of the world’s greatest stars Messi, Suarez, Alves alongwith a brand new track by rapper Kanye West.

Total You Tube views: 36,647,518

6) CocaCola – One World, One Game – Brazil

CocaCola can’t be too far when it comes to advertising, the official sponsor of the game, Coke’s ad is based on the theme of – How Football brings the world together.

Total You Tube views: 1,644,238

Have you watched any of these ? Which is your favorite ? If you missed last weeks McDonalds ad you can click here to view.

Next week we’ll bring you some more awesome FIFA ads, until then have a Super Sunday and a great week ahead.

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Kosmetyki rosyjskie July 1, 2014 - 11:33 am

FIFA 14, like ok but the faces still laugh 🙂 In any event, I most like the last game of nike

Matt Froning July 7, 2014 - 2:12 am

Addidas for the win haha ! 🙂


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