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Good Morning Sunday: What Coffee Does To Your Brain

by amol238


I love Coffee, mornings can’t get better without a hot cup of coffee. I am not endorsing any coffee brand but coffee in general is awesome and addictive:)

But did you know what makes it addictive and why some of us ( including me ) keep craving for that cup of coffee each morning and more through the day.

How does coffee actually work to make you feel better or should I said keep you stimulated ?

Check this below video

Are you a heavy coffee drinker ? What do you think about the video ?

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1 comment

Jrafi October 9, 2014 - 1:22 pm

Hi ZK,
I usually take coffee before sleep and in the morning after wake up.But I am not a heavy coffee drinker.I see the video its very funny.but unfortunately its true.
Thanks for sharing a nice article.:)


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