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Top 10 Common Fears Faced By Online Entrepreneurs

by amol238

Fears faced by Online Entrepreneurs

In life, you have been surrounded by fears and fears are something that will hinder you to progress more.

There are many types of fears that are holding you back from taking action.

Encountering setbacks isn’t game over

There are always ups and downs in life and it doesn’t mean that your life is over once you have face obstacles, you can still try again.

1. Fear of Failure – The most common fear that usually stops people from achieving their desired goals in life. To the majority of the people, they treat failure as something that is bad for them.

Failing shouldn’t be viewed as something bad. Instead, it should be viewed as a learning experience. No one likes to fail, neither do I but if we are able to learn something from the failure then it is worth failing.

Being an online entrepreneur, there is countless number of failures and we will get surrounded by lots of fears.

By willing to fail, you are actually progressing. You allow yourself to have a chance to give it a try.

People who are afraid of failure usually don’t progress much in the private sector, improving people’s lives and provide value to them.

Whenever there is something that you are willing to try but there are chances of failing, tell yourself that what more can I lose besides money and time? Money is the common factor that is stopping you from taking action and it can be earned back.

2. Fear of Disappointment – In the beginning of the journey as an online entrepreneur, the amount of time and effort spent in it will definitely be more than what we will be receiving.

You have spent hours creating an information product but no one purchase it.

You have done a thorough research on that particular niche for blog post but you are not receiving the attention.

We are bound to face disappointment and having thoughts of giving up and move to another platform is very common. I have read an interesting book called “Go Giver” and I really love one of the quotes in that book which stated “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first”.

Facing disappointment is a common phase faced by online entrepreneurs.

Whenever you start to feel disheartened, get down to the library to read stories of successful entrepreneurs, learn their failures, knowing that it is common to fail and you will filled with desire once again to take action.

Paste positive affirmations on your wall or quotes that are able to motivate you.

There are a lot of positive affirmations being shared in facebook recently. Save the images that attract your attention and look at it whenever you are feeling down.

3. Fear of Commitment – To be a successful online entrepreneur, time management is very crucial to your success and you have to face the computer screen for hours.

Discipline and commitment is very important since there won’t be anyone supervising on your progress. You are the one who will be in charge for your own success.

Many people may develop a plan for growth but they don’t do the necessary thing to attain the growth.

Create a to-do list and write down a rough plan to be committed in your online business. You can make changes according to your progress after that.

The reason of writing down a plan is to account yourself that you are going to get this done. You can also account your progress to your good friend and it acts as accountability

Once you have written the things you wanted to complete for the day, make sure to complete the task before adding in more.

4. Fear of Scandal – In the internet, there are full of scams and get rich quick scheme that mainly targeted newcomers who are new to this industry. When things are too good be true then it is really too good to be true.

There are still some internet marketers who are genuine to provide value for people and improve other people’s lives.

If you are skeptical about how people are making money online, there are always results to prove their success. There can be fake income proofs but those won’t last long.

Online entrepreneurs that have real results are usually those are truthful to their audience and are the ones that have a sustainable online business.

5. Fears of the Unknown – Most people don’t understand how internet works and how it can allow you to make money online. They don’t want to spend more time reading up more about internet and let the lack of knowledge to be a factor to contribute to their decision making.

Conduct a thorough research to check the feasibility of the project, rather than letting the lack of knowledge to make your decision.

Go to the search engines to research on that particular niche you are interested in.

If there are not much results on that keyword you have type in, chances of people are not willing to fork out money to solve their problems on that niche is very high

Thinking like an online entrepreneur

You have to understand what exactly does your targeted market wants and you have to find something to save their time or solve their problems. You shouldn’t be letting the fears stopping you from contributing value to them.

6. Fear of Selling – To achieve success in life, you definitely have to master the ropes of selling. An analogy of stating the importance of this will be going for a job interview. When you are at a job interview, you are basically “selling” yourself to the company and they will take you in if you manage to convince them to “buy” you.

This might sound harsh but that is the reality of the working life.

To sustain a desirable income online, you would have to build and provide value to your list. Having your own list is one of the most crucial ways to have a sustainable income and you shouldn’t be constantly sending offers to them.

This will only irritate them to unsubscribe from your list. People don’t love to be sold but they love to buy.

Constantly give value to people, leverage your value to other people’s lives, and send them offers once a while and you will receive. Learn to give first before asking for any returns.

7. Fear of Rejections – You have discovered a new method and decided to put your heart and soul into it. However, your hard work is not appreciated by people and got rejected. Facing rejections is one of the common phases faced by online entrepreneurs.

You have spent tons of time and money making your sales copy and marketing but still, people don’t appreciate it.

Getting rejected doesn’t feel good but you can learn something from rejections. Bear in mind that you are always learning in life

8. Fear of Moving Out of your Comfort Zone – Making yourself uncomfortable is one of the hardest things to achieve since you are pushing yourself to the maximum limit.

You won’t feel good when moving out of your comfort zone such as writing articles for hours, brainstorming for ideas, showering with cold water, panting breathlessly after sprinting for 10 minutes, lifting weights in the gym etc.

When moving out of your comfort zone, you are actually reaching hitting the limits and that is when improvements start to come.

9. Fear of Criticism –If you are telling your friends that you are an internet marketer and you make money from the internet. The chances of them asking “how do you actually make money from there and what exactly is that” are very high.

Most of the people do not know much about internet marketing as a platform to generate income.

They criticize your idea and you gave up after not much progress, thinking that they are really right.

Whenever you are facing criticism from your peers and families, constantly remind yourself that there are already people who are achieving success from making money online and prove to them that you are able to do that as well.

10. Fear of Taking Risks – You wanted to start full time internet marketing but if you leave your job, you won’t be getting monthly pay check anymore. You are on your own and no one is there for you anymore.

Also, Outsourcing a specific task to people in their expertise is one of the least preferred choices by many internet marketers since they want to save money by doing all everything by them.

Always believe that by outsourcing to other people, you are saving more time and focus on doing things that are much more important. Only that, your online business will improve much faster compared to doing all the things by yourself.

It is perfectly normal to have fears but it shouldn’t be affected for your decision making.

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Steve @ Inbound Marketing for Small Business June 16, 2012 - 10:28 am

Another common one is fear of ding the wrong thing. People are worried that they wil mess something up and it will kill their business forever. It won’t! Sure, you’ll make some mistakes, even some big ones, but that’s just life.

The biggest thing is to take consistent, focused action, and not give up. Treat the inevitable mistakes as learning experiences and move past them. Fear is the enemy of progress and success, and you will neither progress or succeed if you let it hold you back.

Paul Jackson June 16, 2012 - 9:52 pm

Inspirational! I have read many posts pertaining to online entrepreneurship but no one have thought about focusing on the different fears faced by online entrepreneurs, so this would be my first read, great one Wilson! With this article of yours, i remember what Steve Jobs said on one of his interview when he was asked about what are the rules of success. I am paraphrasing a certain portion of what he said, -in the eyes of the society, the ones that end up being successful, often times are the ones that love what they do so that they endured and persevered through a series of difficulties.’

I believe that entrepreneurs have this inherent characteristic. Passion to what they do and this relentless urge to chase their goals and outgrowing their old self through facing fears and learning from their failures. Keep writing inspirational pieces!

Wilson June 17, 2012 - 1:32 am

Hi!thanks!i have been figuring out on what exactly is stopping us and those are the most possible ones:)

Jasmine June 17, 2012 - 11:33 pm

Inspirational post… thanks for pointing out our fears!

payday June 18, 2012 - 7:29 am

FEAR is really big enemy in our life.,fera stops progress.,and we can get experince of our life…..

cheapdanny June 18, 2012 - 8:25 pm

I can relate to some of the issues listed here as a business owner. I guess my main thing is letting go. It’s hard to know what the future holds but part of running a business comes with ups and down. Just remember to get up when you’re down.


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