November 2008

Win $6000 on John Chow

John Chow is holding a contest to give away $6,000. The contest is sponsored by, is a tiny url service that will shorten any url that you feel is too long. $5000 will go to the charity of your choice and $1000 will go to you to spend however you want. If I [...]

This amazing powerful tool called Twitter has proven that its not only effective to market products online and generate traffic but also a very important tool to cover events and updates. Live blogging on Twitter took an all time high yesterday when terror struck Mumbai. Bloggers across Mumbai updated live feeds via Twitter after gunmen [...]

Get the Google Search Engine Optimization Guide

The Google Webmasters Blog has recently released a very simple and straight forward guide to SEO - Search Engine Optimization for your website. This guide covers all the broad basics that will be helpful to a newbie or website owner. It's a guide that will help you achieve a higher SERP ( Search Engine Rank [...]

Marketing Lessons from Guns N’ Roses

"This is to all the Guns N' Roses Fans who stuck with us thro all the s*** " - Axl Rose I've been a hardcore Guns N' Roses fan and I am joined by millions around the globe who await their new album in 17 years..Yeah, you read it right 17 years. By the time [...]

Tips to make a Blog Contest successful

Contesting is an amazing viral tool that gets more exposure for your blog provided you use the contest strategically to leverage growth for your blog. The objective of any contest should be to create a viral effect and increase usership for your blog. Tips to make a blog contest successful : 1 ) Don't rush: - [...]

Awesome Thanksgiving Contest Results – Did you Win ?

I want to thank all my reader who participate in the Awesome Thankgiving Contest and Congratulate all the winners of this contest. The draws were a random pick and the list of winner is mentioned below : First prize : Directory XD from Directory XD Second prize : JR from Get Internet Marketing Strategies Third [...]

6 Tips for Improving site conversion during recession

If you have a new site or blog, initially you ll find that you don't get a lot of traffic or your traffic is like a roller coaster ride high on some days and low on other days. Don't get intimidated by this trend even the best of bloggers go through such a traffic cycle. [...]

Awesome Thanksgiving Contest ends today

Just in case you ve missed the Thanksgiving Contest, you can send in your entries by end of today - 10 th November 2008, Eastern Standard Time. So far the blog has received more than 80 entries for the contest, more than 1200 views and more than 130 comments for the contest post. The term [...]

Tips for Optimising Google Adsense

Google has kicked of a series of videos for optimising Adsense . This seems to be an effort to help publishers to get most out of their adsense, while this should have happened much earlier when Google dominated the publishers' site monthly income. They seem to have realized that publishers are making a better income of [...]

Blogging Secrets from John Chow

I enjoy networking with successful people in any profession. I believe success rubs success. Successful people give off a positive entrepreneurial energy that is contagious. So when John Chow sent out an invite to join the Dot Com Pho in Toronto, I did not want to miss the chance. It is rare that you get [...]