July 2011

7 Tips to Sharpen Your Blog Content Writing

Content writing is a challenging profession that requires creativity, an earnest desire to understand the readers’ psyche, and a positive attitude. In the 21st century, most people prefer using the Internet to find valuable information. In the cyber-world, one can search for topics ranging from latest beauty products, gadgets to overseas education. The Internet is [...]

Five Reasons Not to Engage in Article Marketing

Matt Cutts gave a fairly good, though not very concise, definition of article marketing; “…you’re writing an article and you try to include a link at the bottom and you’re hoping a bunch of other people put up copies or mirrors or duplicates of that article and that those links might flow through.” Matt then [...]

10 Key Content Strategy Tips for Successful Blogging

If you are new to internet marketing, or you are looking to revamp your SEO strategy, content marketing is a great system to get behind. The reasons for content marketing are extremely valid; fuel your search visibility , enhance social sharing, and get greater consumer interaction. High quality content helps to align customer needs with the brand [...]

7 Simple Tips to Attract Advertisers to your Blog

Your blog may have established excellent Public Relations, might have obtained great Alexa ranking and huge traffic. Even with all this, attracting advertisers to your blog is a definite challenge. Here are a few simple tips that will help you attract advertisers to your blog easily. Place an "Advertise with us" banner on your blog, [...]

Advanced Google Analytics: The Bounce Rate Myth

Too many times have I had people come up to me, friends and colleagues alike, asking me why their blog bounce rates are so high.  Bounce rate is one of those metrics that every blog owner should be tracking and analyzing on a regular basis. But what exactly is bounce rate? An often misconstrued metric, bounce [...]

Link Proz Helps Your Site Rank High on Search Engines

With the recent Panda changes to the Google algorithm, search engine optimization is slowing moving to a new level of relevancy. Google has shuffled its algorithm to ensure that the searches are always fresh and relevant to its users. Welcome to the new complicated search. To get high ranking it’s important that you understand how [...]

How to Avoid Getting Your Blog Comment Sent to Spam

Commenting on industry related blogs has SEO benefits, but it’s really about much more than that.  It’s about being part of a community, sharing your knowledge, establishing yourself as a thought leader , and making connections with others.  Many people don’t look at it that way and simply think “easy link!” when blog commenting.  They [...]

Surf locally without being local with GeoSurf 3.0

As an online entrepreneur you have the advantage of accessing your blog or websites from across the globe, it's the best business you can be in. You don't need any physical presence, all the work can be done online from any part of the global. From changing content on your blog to sending out newsletters [...]

What Does Your Blog Say About Who You Are?

Actions speak louder than words, as the saying goes. But words can speak louder than actions, given the right circumstance, like a first impression with a potential date or a job interview. Online forums and blogs are a few places where words are the only things that matter - like with the many modes of [...]

Woo Themes has been on the forefront of designing classic cutting edge themes for Wordpress blog, it has released more than 97 themes and has a strong 40000 community of commercial theme users. Not may know that its free wordpress themes have been downloaded more than 750,000 times. Now that talks volumes of work from [...]