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Surf locally without being local with GeoSurf 3.0

by amol238

As an online entrepreneur you have the advantage of accessing your blog or websites from across the globe, it’s the best business you can be in. You don’t need any physical presence, all the work can be done online from any part of the global. From changing content on your blog to sending out newsletters to your email base. You’re online business is accessible 24/7, you decide the time and place. Awesome 🙂

But here is the challenge, while you can access the website from any part of the globe you may not be able to see targeted content or ads that are being served at a different location on your site. Example: Your website may have different content and ads served to a users in UK, while it can have different content and ads served to a user in Australia.

If you are at neither locations you will not be able to view the content or ads that are being served to your audience unless you log into a different IP which is specific to a location. You’ll have to set different IPs for each location, this is very cumbersome process and not a viable option.


I have been using GeoSurf to check out my blogs ads in different countries or locations from a single location. From a single location I get a global perspective of the ads running on my blog.

GeoSurf Toolbar

GeoSurf is a simple toolbar that you can download and change locations to reflect your sites geo-targeted content and ads at the location that you’ve chosen. I’ve downloaded the Firefox plugin of the tool bar and its awesome and easy to use. The toolbar supports more than 80 global locations, including 20 high value US DMA’s

With GeoSurf’s toolbar you no longer have to change IPs or depend on proxies that are filled with pop up and are unsecured to browse.

GeoSurf 3.0 now available:
GeoSurf has recently launched a new design interface and features with GeoSurf 3.0

Secure and private: GeoSurf has their own network of high end servers and data centers which make the browsing experience faster and secure. They have a binding agreement with all their users that the data or surfing patterns will never be shared or released for any purpose.

Easy to use: The GeoSurf toolbar is easy to download and use, I use it as a Firefox plugin on the toolbar and it works like a charm. This toolbar easily integrates with the Firefox browser and shows you 80 + global locations.

No ads or pop up: When you use a proxy or a similar network to browse different geographies you are exposed to a number of ads and pop up which does not give a great browsing experience.

Committed customer support team: GeoSurf has an excellent support team with dedicated account managers to guide you in case of any issues. All customer support issues are responded in less than 24 hours.

GeoSurf Pricing:
The pricing options are broken down in to four categories: Starter, Basic, Advance and Enterprise plans. You can choose the best fit for your business based on these plans. I use the basic plan which gives me access to three locations, if you need more locations you can use the enterprise option, it gives you access to 80 + locations.

Trail Offer:

GeoSurf is presently running a 5 day trial offer, you can opt for it and check the same. Download the GeoSurf toolbar and let me know your thoughts

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Melvin July 12, 2011 - 10:26 pm

If this doesnt have any security issues, then i think its a very very useful tool. Most of the tools out there that allow you to change your geographical locations are simply too crappy and very annoying to use. I think GeoSurf, if they done this properly, many people will find their tool useful.

ZK July 13, 2011 - 2:39 am

Security of your site and data should be the most imnportant factor when you consider using proxies or other options to change your geo location

Sunny@Blackberry Trackball July 14, 2011 - 5:21 am

I always use proxy to solve the iP problem, you suggestion is brilliant. I will surely try this GeoSurf Toolbar. Thanks.


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