April 2013

Twitter For Small Businesses – 5 Steps To Success

Whilst many brands utilise a social media agency to set up and manage Twitter profiles, this isn’t always a financially viable option for some smaller businesses. In light of this, here are my top five steps to Twitter success. 1. Know your audience: As with any marketing campaign, spend time researching the target audience, then [...]

Choice is awesome. It means that I have the option of more than one and I have the option to choose what I want - Isn't it amazing ? You always want to have choices in life. The more choices people have, the more freedom they have and the more freedom they have the more [...]

6 Obvious Errors in Guest Posting

How would you feel when you have laid out specific instructions and yet your subordinates just cannot get it right? That is the same feeling of every blog manager. Guest blogging is an official strategy under the umbrella of guest bloggers that you should avoid doing. These errors are categorized based on the two basic [...]

Track Your Campaigns with the Help of Google Analytics URL Builder

If you are an internet marketer or an online business owner, then I’m pretty much sure that you are by now aware with the Google Analytics URL Builder tool that can be used to track your advertising campaigns efficiently in your Google Analytics account. If you have just started out, and Google Analytics. For example, [...]

Don’t Do These 15 Mistakes While Blogging

For both newbies or experienced bloggers there are some common blogging mistakes that would be better to avoid, no matter whether you manage a blog just to share your opinion with your friends, or use it to earn money. The majority of bloggers combine both approaches here - they like to share knowledge and make [...]

How to Easily Create your Mobile Website with GinWiz

update my blog - All this from anywhere in the world. With my smart phone, my location is not a constraint for my internet usage anymore. While consumers have adopted to this change and behavior, small businesses that have a website have not yet moved to the mobile platform. The primary reason being lack of [...]

Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist gives a very powerful talk about the language of the universe in this 2 minute video. We've heard the Law of Attraction, Paulo goes deeper into this, he tells us how when we want something, the universe forms powerful forces to help us have it. This means that [...]

10 Blogging Strategies for Small Businesses

Your new website is up, it looks great and your social media icons are prominently displayed at the top of each page so your customers can connect with you at all times. All is well right? Well, maybe not. Does your site have a separate blog? If not, you might not be maximizing the capabilities [...]

9 Ways to Grow your Small Business by Tweeting Smartly

When it comes to your online or small business, increased website traffic is vital to the growth and success of your business. The number of social media venues seems to increase daily, making it hard for business owners to know which ones to include in their social media marketing plan. Twitter, which was officially launched [...]

30 % Discount – ONLY for the Next 4 3 Days! My buddy Pawan (aka MaxBlogPress) has been kind to give readers of WebTrafficROI.com a 30 % Discount on Ninja Affiliate Plugin. If you're selling affiliate products on your blog, this is a super plugin that makes things simple and easy for you to manage. [...]