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Good Morning Sunday: Paulo Coelho on Luck, Coincidence and Faith

by amol238

Paulo Coehlo

Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist gives a very powerful talk about the language of the universe in this 2 minute video. We’ve heard the Law of Attraction, Paulo goes deeper into this, he tells us how when we want something, the universe forms powerful forces to help us have it.

This means that whenever you put your vibrations, energy or any other positive form into the air, somehow the soul of the wall of the universe is affected. The forces come into play to talk to you and conspire you to get what you want.

Luck, Coincidence, Faith are some of the universal forces that combine into action to help you.

Watch the video let me know what you think – Do you believe that luck plays an important role in shaping success or is it determination ?

Have a Super Sunday and a great week ahead.

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Shanker Bakshi April 21, 2013 - 4:20 am

Long back someone suggested me to read his Novel “The Alchemist” , and it changed my life completely…The way I look at life .

ZK April 21, 2013 - 1:34 pm

The book has changed a lot of lives 🙂

Duuki April 21, 2013 - 1:01 pm

Good start, maybe should be explain more in detail the difference between the 3. Its basically, as mentioned above, a spin off of the Law Of Attraction, which was made popular with the movie ” The Secret”.

I still think all of these should focus more on one of the most key elements in things happening for people; faith and believing is good, but you still have to ACT on what you believe. You have to put your hands to doing something and making it happen. Its not just going to happen because you want it to, you have to do something about it…

Evan April 22, 2013 - 3:10 am

tell the truth i never was a Paolo fan but he has pretty bright ideas about life. His books have a common sense and that is why he is popular. Thanks, i like the video and found it interesting to watch and worth my time)

Andrei April 22, 2013 - 7:52 am

Think positive things people. And positive things will happen in your life !

ZK April 22, 2013 - 9:55 am

Thanks for all the comment love 🙂 …The Good Morning Sunday Series is all about making your Sundays more meaningful and keeping you inspired for the rest of the week 🙂

Jasmine April 23, 2013 - 11:28 pm

Just read this and saw the video today though today isn’t a Sunday. I guess this works on all days not only Sundays! Hehe… thanks, ZK.

Vlad April 24, 2013 - 9:00 am

Well the sunday is over, but you’ve share an awesome article on paulo coelo.. yes i do believe in luck and faith.



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