Twitter Marketing

How much time have you wasted on Twitter ?

I' ve been trying to convince my ex boss to use Twitter as a tool for marketing his online products and projecting his site as a voice or an expert in the domain, he is'nt convinced that spending time on Twitter will be beneficial. He thinks Twitter a waste of time. When he asked me [...]

Who Should you Follow on Twitter ?

If you are new to Twitter, you ll probably be lost trying to figure who you should follow? If you have been on Twitter for sometime, you may want to expand your network? But who should you follow : - How do you find influencers beyond your network ? - How do you know which [...]

This amazing powerful tool called Twitter has proven that its not only effective to market products online and generate traffic but also a very important tool to cover events and updates. Live blogging on Twitter took an all time high yesterday when terror struck Mumbai. Bloggers across Mumbai updated live feeds via Twitter after gunmen [...]

6 Reasons to Join Twitter

After about 3 months of launching this blog , I joined Twitter today and I am already addicted. Below are 6 reasons I am glad I joined. - Building a community : To be successful on the internet or in any business you need to build a community or a network , The larger your [...]