Now watch Livestream Wimbeldon on Twitter


Game, Set, Match – Twitter……Twitter has won the game, well at least the livestream broadcast of the game. Your mobile and your tweet feeds have just become your second TV with Twitter beaming the livestream broadcast of Wimbeldon onto your phones via tweets – Awesome, isn’t it 🙂

Twitter Wimbledon Live

You can see the live match just like you would see it on YouTube, you can also tweet and discuss the match points with your followers making it more interactive and engaging. Hashtag #wimbeldon can be tweeted alongwith your tweets and you can see all the activities associated with it.

Associated Twitter handles with the event @wimbeldon and @espn can be easily accessed from the screen.

Get set for the semis and finals and watch Wimbeldon live here. Let’s hope we get to see more livestream events from Twitter.

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