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Guide to Changing Google SERPs by Dr. Petes

by amol238

Google SERP

Dr. Petes ? Who’s Dr. Petes ? Do you know him ?

Dr. Pete’s Mayers is a marketing scientist at MOZ, he is the co founder of many MOZ products and tools including MozCast – An experiment in tracking ‘weather’ patters based on Google Algorithms. Dr. Pet’s and his team constantly monitor the changes in SERPs each time Google makes changes in its algo. – Wow, that sounds like a mammoth task but its seems that Dr. Petes has figured it out 🙂

Changes in local search, mobile searches and lots more changes that keep happening on a daily basis is monitored and studied by his team of experts.

According to him the biggest and the most frequent changes are made to the title tags, he recommends that the ideal tag should be less than 60 characters.

Snippets is another feature that he is excited about, accordingly to him it can take your results from the 10 th rank to the 1 st rank on search.

Dr. Pete’s recently gave an elaborate presentation at SMX advance conference in Seattle, Washington on the frequent changes in Google SERPs and how they can impact your rankings

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