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7 Simple Steps to use Twitter to Market your Business

by amol238

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You have to be aware that Twitter is unbelievably large with 500 million users tweeting 400 million tweets and searching for umpteen terms every day.

So you just need to be smart enough to turn these tweets into sales .

Given below are seven simple tips that you can make use of for the above mentioned plan:

1. The first step is to search out for prospective buyers and though this may not seem easy, you will have to make use of the inbuilt search in Twitter and identify your potential customers and get familiar with the search terms that they use.

It is imperative that you save your data as only then you can get alerted whenever somebody tweets to the prospective search terms.

2. Once you prepare a list of prospective buyers, look out for buying indications and somehow hop into the shortlist and get hold of leads.

3. Use Twitter to gather all information possible about competitive companies and read all the reviews about them so that you are well informed about their drawbacks and can energize your efforts to developing better methods that will hike up your prospective buying market

4. One of the biggest advantages of Twitter is that you can strike up a conversation with your potential clients.

Building a good rapport with your prospective buyers will ensure that they will surely come back to you if they plan to purchase at a later stage.

5. You also need to build up a good following. It is imperative that you have an excellent bio that clearly states what you are and what your company specializes in.

6. Ensure that you embark on a firm relationship with those who may help you to channelize your customers into your sales pitch.

7. Get your profile picture updated as this pops up next to each tweet you send. Make use of this chance to instill an image of your service or business in the minds of anybody who follows you.

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royalciti April 10, 2015 - 6:57 am

I agree with you that twitter helps target audiences more effectively. We got so many leads from our twitter Page.

Sharif // seo news April 13, 2015 - 5:17 pm

I read all the steps that you mention. Among these i like two steps very much.One is you can contact with the customer as it create opportunity for a business person to know the customer requirement and their suggestion .The best opportunity in twitter is here you can analyze your competitor and its the most important one according to me.


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