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Affiliate Theme 2.0 The Easiest Way to build Affiliate sites – Get 20% promo code

by amol238

Affiliate Theme 2.0

Affiliate Theme 2.0 – The Easiest Way to build Affiliate sites

My buddy Nate at Unique Blog Designs just released Affiliate Theme 2.0, when this was launched the first time it was an instant hit with Affiliates. Super affiliates – Zac Johnson, John Reese, Yaro and many more make millions of dollars a year in affiliate commissions use this theme.

I’ve been using the Affiliate Theme to promote a few niche affiliate sites and it works like a charm to pull affiliate sales. In fact this blog was launched with a wordpress theme by Unique Blog Designs, if you are an affiliate marketer like me and get lots of ideas to launch affiliate websites, then you need to check out the Affiliate Theme 2.0. Its the perfect theme to launch niche affiliate sites.

Check the Affiliate Theme 2.0 video below:

What’s new in Affiliate 2.0 ?


Affiliate 2.0 has loads of skins and tools that will help you promote and make the best of affiliate sales.

Affiliate Theme Niche Skins:

– A Niche Skin is a wordpress child theme optimized for the new Affiliate Theme 2.0 With skins you can change the appearance of your site or blog to a pre defined affiliate niche.The standard pack come with 5 skins, you can buy more from the Affiliate marketplace if you have a large number of affiliate sites.

Affiliate Landing Pages:
– Landing pages that convert make you money from affiliate products. Affiliate Theme 2.0 comes with six pre tested landing pages that can get you max conversion from affiliate products. You can test from six landing pages which one works best for you in very simple and easy steps. You can easily change the layouts, call to action tabs / buttons and more with these landing pages.

Awesome built in colour picker:
– Minor tweaks in themes result in sales, the affiliate theme 2.0 is built with easy tweaks that you can do to your sites to increase sales. The advanced colour picker that works like an in built photoshop software makes it easy for you to change the colours to your affiliate site.

Red for dating affiliate sites, Blue for hosting affiliate sites, Green for herbal product affiliate sites, You can re brand your affiliate theme and change it effortlessly. You can change the colour of everything from the headline to the background and buttons.

Affiliate Marketplace:
– This is a great addition to the Affiliate Theme 2.0, the marketplace is an exciting place where you can buy and sell niche skins. Not just that you can post any listings on any internet related product or service. Example: Membership sites, coaching programs, design services and much more. The listings are currently free.

Lifetime Support to Theme Resource Centre and Support Forums:
– If you need any help with the Affiliate Theme all you need to do is read over a dozen tutorials and browse through the extensive knowledge base. You’ll get instant help in the forums when you post questions about to the Affiliate Theme.


Affiliate Theme 2.0 Standard Package retails for $77 for a multi theme license, which means with the affiliate theme you can set up as many affiliate sites that you want. You also get 5 niche skins and 6 unique page templates alongwith easy step by step tutorials and support forums. The bonus includes 10 Header Graphics that can be used for various niches.


20% Promo Codes for WebTrafficROI readers
– Nathan has provided me with ONLY TEN EIGHT 20 % off promo codes for readers of this blog, if you want to buy the Affiliate Theme 2.0 you can save 20% off the retail price. Use promo code 4D12007879

Download The Affiliate Marketing Theme

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custom items December 16, 2011 - 6:34 am

I agree your blog that are uniquely design wordpress themes.Niche Skin is a wordpress child theme and onr more is landing pages.

Greg Avery December 16, 2011 - 5:03 pm

Good in depth information…Thanks for sharing this…Greg Avery

Bhupendra Sharma December 17, 2011 - 11:12 pm

Hi ZK,
Affiliate Theme 2.0 is a great post and valuable information. Any One can make money by following this way. I like it so much and I am going to apply it. Thanks for sharing…

Broken Window Repair VA December 18, 2011 - 1:33 am

The Affiliate Theme is a great little product for creating killer affiliate sites to make..


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