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Generate a Passive Income with T3Leads

by amol238


The internet is a big market place, if you have a website you can make a decent amount of money each month. All you need you need to do is build an audience that regularly visits your blog and interacts with your audience.

Once you have a regular flow of traffic you can look at monetizing it by placing ads on your blog or making a referral income from a sale on your blog. Google adsense is a great example of how you can make money by placing the Google codes on your blog. You make money once someone on your blog clicks on an ad shown by the Google adsense widget.

Like Google Adsense there are a lot of CPA model that will pay you per click or per lead. One such network is T3 Leads, it’s a network that is loaded with offers.

The network broadly covers more than 20 different industries in the financial sector, some of the industries include payday loans, insurance loans, auto loads, credit cards and others.

How do I generate income with T3 Leads ?

– T3Leads pays you on a cost per lead basis, which means that you get paid when someone from your blog fills in a lead at T3Leads. T3 Leads offers an integrated platform for affiliates with the necessary support for tools, when you sign up with them you get instant access to this platform.

This platform offers affiliates with the most sophisticated user interface where you can choose to promote offers from the different industries. It offers all the forms of advertising banner sizes to host ads for T3 Leads.

– T3Leads can easily give you a competitive pricing on a cost per lead basis, the pricing offered is much higher than the pricing offered by Google Adsense.

– With T3Leads you have a great support system, there is a dedicated Affiliate manager that will help you increase your monthly commissions by assisting you with the best of leads and advise. Unlike Google Adsense where there is no support, you have to figure out the best ways to monetize by yourself.

– The T3 Leads platform is loaded with interactive and engaging ads of different shapes and sizes. They have a very robust arsenal of affiliate tools that give you a wide choice to choose and promote the products you like.

– T3Leads also has an affiliate program, you can become an affiliate and get a commission on referral sign ups.

Which affiliate networks do work with ? Have you worked with T3Leads ?

Check out T3Leads

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Jasmine December 27, 2012 - 10:23 pm

I have not worked with T3Leads. But their system looks pretty good, I am sure you can make some good money with them!

Au Pair December 28, 2012 - 7:06 am

I have also not use this t3lead ,but i always use Adsense for earning money using my site .
in trually i never hear about this T3lead .

Now i will also use this For earn more and more money.

Alex Dumpfree December 29, 2012 - 3:24 am

Good post ZK! Let me go over it. Thanks for sharing.

Janette Lilly January 4, 2013 - 7:51 am

This seems like a convenient way to make some extra money. Not a bad idea for implementing on some of my web pages.


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