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What are Virtual Private Servers and why they are used ?

by amol238

VPS Hosting

Today we begin a series of posts dedicated to Virtual Private Servers ( VPS ) , which is to explain from what practical applications of use and configuration. Many Internet companies offer the possibility for any user contracts a server. But often their use will give the person is not required to have a complete machine available, and you do not need many resources.

That is why dedicated servers (physical servers connected to the network) is subdivided into VPS, which for all purposes have the same characteristics as a normal server except that individual is not physically . Each would have its operating system, its resources, traffic available … Not being individual servers, the contract price is much cheaper and you can find deals at a reasonable price. In my case, I use usually only costs 7.90 euros per month.

Why would you use a VPS?

Really a VPS has unlimited uses , since the end of the day is like having another computer available in a data center with an internet connection astronomical when compared with rates seen in Spain.Anyway, and for instance, we will discuss typical uses to which they can give these VPS:

  • Web Hosting: To some people it falls short of shared hosting plans offered by some companies as either because they need more space, because they need more because a web transfer or consume too many resources. The VPS often give a lot of freedom in this respect, as they tend to give far more space and boundaries often do not have monthly data transfer.
  • VPN: Another very popular use is Virtual Private Networks riding, so the user can connect to the VPN and browse through it. The advantage is that the connection between user and server is encrypted, so if you are using an unsecure connection no one can see that the user traffic exchanged with the rest of the Internet.
  • P2P: Because of the characteristics of the VPS , the connection speed, these are widely used for sharing files using P2P traffic, as we will explain below.

VPS vs. Seedbox

One use that many people give to the VPS is sharing files via P2P . On the Internet there are many Bittorrent private trackers, which accounted for what the user shares with other users and also to lower them. One of the unique requirements of these pages is to keep the ratio (ratio between the downloaded and shared) over a certain number, and this is not particularly easy to get as loose connections as we have in our country.

For this reason, many people turn to VPS and similar services, as these machines tend to be far superior connections and therefore is even easier to share and stay in these trackers. But a VPS is not the only way to achieve this. Many users do not have the necessary expertise to handle such a server, so time for some companies offer something similar but simpler and easier to handle: theseedbox .

A seedbox is, after all, a virtual private server but whose sole mission is to download and share filesWhile the VPS can do many different things, with a seedbox only thing you can do is use it for P2P traffic. They usually come with a pre-installed BitTorrent client, which the user can easily access via the web. Then, to download the files to your computer, the user uses a client FTP .

In some cases, some companies offer more limited seedbox that reach even to set a maximum number of file sharing and downloading at the same time, or even set a traffic limit spent. Others include other extra programs but with the same purpose as the jDownloader. The seedbox are more “neutered”, but with few exceptions tend to be cheaper than VPS . In summary …


  • More freedom.
  • Many functions.
  • They require more technical knowledge.
  • The user configures and installs what you want to taste.
  • They are usually more expensive.


  • More limited.
  • Oriented to download.
  • Easier to use.
  • It comes complete with factory installed programs.
  • They tend to be cheaper.

Benefits of using a VPS and Seedbox for P2P traffic

  • More speed in sharing . The main advantage is clear, in many cases we are talking about server connections 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps This is vital, and even more when Spain upload speeds offered by operators are so low.
  • Operate 24 hours . No longer must the user’s personal computer is on all day at home. The VPSand Seedbox always remain lit.
  • Avoids problems with ISPs . With the proliferation of laws antidescargas, the VPS and seedbox are the perfect example for the three strikes laws and the like are not very inefficient. The same goes for Internet connections are limited to transfer of monthly traffic. With a VPS traffic only be spent when transferring a file from within the VPS user’s computer, but do not spend their own traffic user’s connection to share.
  • Avoiding the possible filters or censorship . Now you’re talking about the possible measures to combat P2P, whether a particular government or ISP decides not to allow traffic to certain websites, the VPS would avoid passing through this filter, which acts as an intermediary. The user connects to the VPS and VPS goes directly to the page above.

Image Credit: Eltalearning

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sam @ goa carnival December 7, 2011 - 3:34 am


Nice detail about this very useful server and they both work very well as you mentioned in your blog post. Way of work is so great by the both of these server.

Kavya Hari December 12, 2011 - 5:38 am

Most of the internet companies provides the possibilities for any users contacts the servers on here. Thank you so much for sharing your post on here 🙂


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