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You’ll soon see ads in your Twitter profile

by amol238

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As expected – sooner or later this was bound to happen.

Twitter is under extreme pressure from shareholders to show profitability and its only source as of now seems to be revenue from ads.

Twitter is experimenting a new ad format that could hit users profiles very soon.

Just like Facebook, if you’re logged in to Twitter its smart algo knows who you are, where you’re located and your interest (based on your tweet feed). Based on this information it can serve an ad to you.

Promoted tweets have been running very successfully on twitter, but the company now wants to extend its ad serving technology to your profile page. If you’re visiting a users Twitter profile page you’ll see a targeted Twitter ad served to you.

This could be from one of twitter’s publishers or from twitter itself. The ads are in a boxed united and labeled, “Suggested by Twitter”

I don’t have any issue with ads being served to me as long as they are relevant and non intrusive. I love Twitter and I want it to make money from ads and other sources so that it can give users a better experience.

If successfully launched, this and its tie up with Google could be one of the significant changes that Twitter is trying to make to keep its shareholders happy.

What are your thoughts on this ? Do you like ads being served to you on Twitter ?

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