October 2008

Happy Halloween

I wish all of you a very Happy Halloween, hope you are going trick or treating this evening. I am going to dress up as a successful internet marketer in my favourite jeans and T shirt and distribute candies to kids in the neighbourhood. Before you go Trick or Treating, here is a video to get [...]

6 Reasons to Join Twitter

After about 3 months of launching this blog , I joined Twitter today and I am already addicted. Below are 6 reasons I am glad I joined. - Building a community : To be successful on the internet or in any business you need to build a community or a network , The larger your [...]

Ultimate Blogging Theme – Download Now & Save $20

After my post on 15 year old bloggers last week, here comes the Ultimate Blogging Theme from the Ultimate 15 year old blog master blogger - Carl Ocab. Carl has been one of the top bloggers in the blogosphere for a couple of years and he is just 15. He has made enough money from his [...]

Position 2 on Google in 2 days

  How did my Thanksgiving Contest post get indexed in Google at position 2 in 2 days ?  - Google can be very friendly to your site at times and can be a terror at times, its easy to tame Google if you know what it loves . Its just like knowing and understanding your spouse. [...]

The Blogworld this Week – 15 year old bloggers

There are lots bloggers who fascinate me especially a few of the 14 -15 year old bloggers. I am impressed with their attitude, focus and dedication to blogging. At 15 years they are impressive in their approach and have a business mind.  The blogworld this week is dedicated to the 14 and 15 years old [...]

Join me on Blog Action Day to end Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day, thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue - Poverty. Blog action Day is a non profit, grassroots movement of thousands of individual bloggers coming together for one cause - End Poverty. Blog Action Day originally began when a 27 year old Canadian student at Notre Dame University [...]

Awesome Thanksgiving Contest Giveaways

Welcome to the First Contest on WebTrafficROI and what better occasion to Thank my blog readers and Contest sponsors. As Canada celebrates Thanksgiving I want to take this opportunity to Thank all readers of my blog. I am holding a Thanksgiving Giveaway Contest all of this month. The Thanksgiving Contest Giveaways starts from today 10 th October 2008 till 10 th [...]

8 Tips for Effective Site Submission to Directories

Not too long ago directories were supposed to be the fastest way to increase your backlinks. All you had to do was submit your site to a few of them and watch your site move up the ranking and gain high PR. That's not the case now with Google having changed their algo to devalue [...]

The Blogworld this Week

Google had its PR update and most of my blogger friends were happy to get a PR increase for their blogs. BlogSmartly.com got a PR of 1 from zero, Ganesh of Blog Smartly has done a Blog Smartly Fair Value Analysis of 19 great blogs. Its an interesting analysis based on fair value. Creadiv.com moved [...]

I Got Scammed on a Webmaster Forum

How I got scammed on a webmaster forum and how you can avoid getting scammed : Webmaster forums have be a good source of sharing knowledge and information about web development and web marketing initiatives. Forums have also played a pivotal role in acting as a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. Here you ll find sellers [...]