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Facebook Marketplace – Buy and Sell

by amol238

Facebook is the largest social network where people connect and share common interests, its also once of the large places online to buy and sell. According to Facebook buying and selling groups on Facebook has seen huge amount of traffic and conversations over the last few years. More than 450 million people are engaged on similar groups.

To make it easier for all users, Facebook has launched the marketplace – its essentially a platform on the Facebook app to facilitate buying and selling of items from your local community. In a way Facebook is now competing with Craigslist and other classified sites.


To join the marketplace all you need to do is tap the new Marketplace icon from the Facebook app, once you do that you’ll see the different photos of items posted by people nearby your location that have been listed for sale. To make it easy for you – the marketplace also has a search option which helps you filter down the search based on your requirement.

To sell an item on marketplace
If you want to sell an item, its easy to list one in the marketplace. All you need to do is take a photo of the item and upload it in the sellers marketplace with the description of the item and price you want to sell it at.

To buy an item on marketplace
If you want to buy an item on the marketplace you can filter the search results select the item you want to buy, once the item is selected you can make an offer to the seller.

Facebook has not yet integrated the payment option in the marketplace.

Marketplace seems like a cool place to check out items that are available to buy and sell, however it will only be available on the android and iOS app in US, UK , Australia and New Zealand.

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