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Life on Twitter: Analyse your last 1000 tweets

by amol238

Life on Twitter is an awesome app that analysis your last 1000 tweets.

Zk Tweets

It gives a summary of your best tweets, your tweet schedule, the top hashtags that you have used, your follower ratio and who are your best tweet buddies 🙂

All you need to do is sign in with your twitter id, it give a preview of the tweets in a few seconds.


Below are some of my tweet details that Life on Twitter analysed

– 43% of my tweets have a hashtags
– I tend to tweet more on fridays compared to the rest of the week
– My following ratio is 109%
– My best friends on twitter are @blogbloke, @inc and @tweekyourbiz
– My top hashtag is #blogging

You can find my tweet analysis here.

While this is not a very exhaustive tool to analyse your tweet data, it give a good perspective about your tweets and your influence on twitter. Check it out.

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