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Facebook Like – Dislike Button

by amol238

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It’s happening, no it’s not happening….wait, wait I think it’s happening.

The dislike button debate has been on since facebook launched the ‘like’ button.

Users have been wanting a dislike button to show disinterest in the post or dislike to a particular brand for a longtime, but Mark Zukerberg has other fears.

The fear of controlling the negativism for a brand on facebook has prevented him from going ahead with the “dislike” button all this time. Mark did not want facebook to become a destination for voting (like / dislike) of a particular post or brand.

“The users can say what they want to in the comments section” – Mark Zukerberg

But now that has changed, Mark is now considering adding the dislike button on facebook.

“What users want is the ability to express empathy, not every moment is a good moment.” – Mark Zukerberg

It’s every evident that users will use the dislike button in a way that Mark and Facebook fear, and how is it going to be different, we’ll have to wait and watch.

I am excited about the launch of the dislike button, it means I am empowered to dislike a brand post if I don’t like it. Wonder what will be the impact on the brand’s reputation in the online space based on this.

‘Dislike’ button will be a game changer for businesses and brands. Let’s wait and watch.

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Viole September 28, 2015 - 12:34 pm

It’s gonna more interesting if facebook dislike button 🙂


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