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Facebook Like – Dislike Button

It's happening, no it's not happening....wait, wait I think it's happening. The dislike button debate has been on since facebook launched the 'like' button. Users have been wanting a dislike button to show disinterest in the post or dislike to a particular brand for a longtime, but destination for voting (like / dislike) of a [...]

This is good news for all advertisers using facebook’s advertising platform to promote their products or services – Facebook has just announced a major change in the way they measure cost per click (CPC). From today, CPCs will only be charged for users clicking on links in your ad that go to site visits, “call [...]

Facebook’s New Logo, Like it ?

Yes, I noticed it. Not sure if you did. Facebook now has a new logo, if you logged on Facebook in the last 24 hours - you'll see a new logo, well a subtle new logo I would say. It's not the entire Joe Kral and Cuban Council using the kalvika font. The thick font [...]

How to Get More View to Your LinkedIn Profile

"Your network is your networth". LinkedIn is a popular online social platform for professional network. LinkedIn has become the marketers best social media service for networking. solid colored background. You should be easily recognizable in the photo and you should not appear to be an object on the landscape. Avoid add images, files, and videos [...]

Looking for a social media marketing strategy that increases the visibility of your brand online? Well, there are many social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn that generate heavy traffic. But Pinterest is one of the most cost-effective options for businesses. Studies have found that, “nearly 70% of online consumers who visit Pinterest [...]

Now pay $1 for every hour you waste on Facebook

You love facebook, you've been spending all day uploading pictures and sharing them with your friends. You are addicted to the Facebook like button and keep liking all posts shared on your wall. You also realize that you're spending too much time of your day on facebook doing these activities. Timewaste Timer is a great [...]

Facebook removes inactive accounts from page likes

Facebook is taking some bold decisions in making the platform meaningful and relevant to businesses and users. It has decided to remove inactive accounts from business pages, accounts that seem spammy and in active will be cleaned out. According to the business pages is insightful and accurate. While some big names have been impacted due [...]

How Blogs Get Missed out on Account of Facebook’s Organic Reach Organic Reach? - For those of you who don't know or haven't heard of Facebook’s organic reach, it can be simply explained as a means to blog content on Facebook and other social media sites. And quite frankly many of these very same people [...]

5 Best Holiday Season Social Media Marketing Tips

It’s the best time of the year, while most of us plan on giving gifts and vacations, it's also the right time to start kicking off your special holiday season social media activity. It’s indeed the best time, as your existing and prospective customers are in a happy holiday mood and here are some tips [...]

Addicted to facebook ? Check this video to know what facebook's doing to you Have a Super Sunday and a Great Week Ahead