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How to Get More View to Your LinkedIn Profile

by amol238

LinkedIN Marketing Tool

“Your network is your networth”.

LinkedIn is a popular online social platform for professional network. LinkedIn has become the marketers best social media service for networking.

LinkedIn helps marketers and professionals to hunt for potential business leads and contact them.

Though your LinkedIn profile looks more like your resume, they differ a lot from each other. But we can say your LinkedIn profile is a more detailed version of your resume.

You can add some important details to your profile that otherwise wasn’t possible in MS Word or PDF resume.

So, now you’re convinced about the need to strengthen your LinkedIn profile.

Here are the six easy things you need to do to get more views to your LinkedIn profile.

1. Upload your Recent Picture

Yes, Picture is the first thing that recruiters set their eyes on while viewing your LinkedIn profile, so keep it best. If your LinkedIn profile lacks a photo then the recruiter may not be interested in your profile at all.

You do not need to spend money for a professional photo. Pick one that has been snapped recently and that has a solid colored background.

You should be easily recognizable in the photo and you should not appear to be an object on the landscape. Avoid using logos or any pictures that are found on social sites.

2. Craft a Catchy Headline

In addition to your picture, the headline is another element that grabs the attention of recruiters and connections. So, make it a catchy one.

LinkedIn allows you to add up to 120 characters for a headline. Don’t just use your company names. It won’t be of any use when recruiters search for applicants.

You should briefly describe your functions in the company. Your headline should actually portray who you want to be next.

3. Make Your Summary Interesting

Summary is an important section of your profile. It describes you beyond your resume. Explain why you are interested in your current job or what made your boss tap you on the back saying “Great job!”

4. Use Visuals To Highlight Your Experience

LinkedIn allows you to add images, files, and videos to each job you mention under the experience section. So, highlight this section with stunning visuals that expose your talent.

5. Join the Most Relevant Group

Watch out for groups that are relevant to your business and profession. Pick the group that is themed around your potential customers and demonstrate your skills to the network.

6. Post and share

Post articles related to you niche to you network and to the groups that you’ve joined. Posting regularly increases the chances of your profile views by 17%. You should also share articles with the network to increase your visibility on the site.

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Gina July 27, 2015 - 8:29 am

Great work. Those are helpful tips on how to get more views on your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an amazing site with lots of benefits. It helps you connect with people even those with the same interests as you hence very easy to find a job through it.


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