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Facebook’s Organic Reach and How it Will Impact your Blog

by amol238

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How Blogs Get Missed out on Account of Facebook’s Organic Reach

Organic Reach?
– For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard of Facebook’s organic reach, it can be simply explained as a means to reach people through Facebook for free whenever a new picture, video, page or blog gets posted.

Now of late there are quite a number of reasons for the reduced organic reach, but given below are two of the most important ones.

Some Reasons for Reduced Reach:

You may realize that each day people churn out and share new posts and blog content on Facebook and other social media sites. And quite frankly many of these very same people find that a lot of it can be ignored or left unread, unlike in the past.

Gone are those days when one had to go to a lot of trouble to do this too. However in this day and age of technically improved gadgets, just a swipe of your fingers can send content flying to so many people.

This results in people weaning about what they want to read, and it becomes more difficult for a story to get the requisite publicity in News Feed.

Another important reason could be attributed to the working of News Feeds too. In spite of exposing all the content to everyone, Facebook is right now so designed that it only exposes matter that could be of interest to the people. And it does by prioritizing what’s important and what’s not.

The Impact:

– Now, here the question arises as to why not expose all the content to everyone immediately, but the problem again is that as mentioned earlier, people have only time to read and look at important stuff and invariably miss out on most of other content as they are not seen when they log in. This results in the fact that they miss out on some very helpful content like blogs.

As you can well see, these and many other reasons can negatively impact blogs on account of Facebook’s reduced organic reach.

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