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5 Best Holiday Season Social Media Marketing Tips

by amol238

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It’s the best time of the year, while most of us plan on giving gifts and vacations, it’s also the right time to start kicking off your special holiday season social media activity. It’s indeed the best time, as your existing and prospective customers are in a happy holiday mood and here are some tips to flame it up:

1. Decorate your Media Pages:
– Oh yes! It’s not just your office or home that needs a wonderful decoration, but also your social network pages during this holiday season. Try adding cool holiday graphics that are appropriate and appealing. You can consider customizing your FB/Twitter icons and more.

2. How about a Christmas/New Year Contest:
– Well, who doesn’t wish to win some nice merchandise or cash during Christmas time? This completely depends on the type of platform or industry you serve. You can organize a special holiday contest to attract prospects who are of course now very active on social network sites. This way, you have a better chance of engagement and visibility.

3. Gift of Content:
– Indeed, Christmas season is a time of giving and there’s no better way to do this online on social platform, than creating some awesome content and giving it away freely. How about an interesting “how to do” video or a useful white paper with crucial information? This can of course go a long way, as it creates a wonderful opportunity to get new leads. In fact, ensure the content you gift contains links that connect to your business sites to generate publicity and revenue.

4. Be Sociable:
– Of course, that’s what social network sites are for, to be sociable and what better way to do it this holiday time than to keep a check on what your fans or followers are talking about. It’s the best time to take part in social conversations online, whether through tweeting or by simply replying in a social blog. They might be looking for some product/service that’s holiday specific on social sites and you can discover such new business opportunities right here than any other place this festive season. So get sociable.

5. Special Holiday Campaign: Given the low attention span on social sites, its best to create a campaign that’s inspired by the holiday season. You can promote this calendar month with unique list of social media campaigns such as 3 Wise Facebook Posts or 12 Special Christmas Tweets, holiday discounts when they like/share your page. It’s a cool way to engage your existing customers and prospects.

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1 comment

Victoria January 5, 2015 - 10:35 am

Great ideas! Somehow most companies do decorate their websites for holidays, but not many think about their social accounts! And the holiday giveaways will make the atmosphere truly great


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