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No Google + is not dead…at least not yet. It’s live, buzzing and vibrant. The Google team won’t let it die as yet …not so easily. The new G+ now has a make over from the old one, the focus is to connect with communities and be vibrant and relevant in the social space. While there was a buzz about G+ being shut down, the Google team still thinks that the platform has a lot to offer to its users.

The team studied the conversations and activities on G+ and listened to what people were saying, there we two features that came out very distinct – communities and collections. The new look and features of G+ focus on these two elements.

Google Plus new redesign

While communities has always been core to any social media platform, its success is not guaranteed. No social platform has been a success without constant innovation and features. The collections is a new feature on G+ which the team thinks will help traction for its communities.

The Google + team will keep its ears to the ground and listen to the feedback from the community on its new revamp. And I am glad that the listening and feedback on G+ is being incorporated on the platform.

Check out the new Google Plus

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  • Erica Halls December 4, 2015, 6:06 am

    Gotta admit…I liked the previous looks of Google+….But, this is freaking awesome.