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Facebook is working hard to make the world smaller, it wants you to connect to people who are not in your friends list nor are in your friends’ friends’ list. It has now opened up its messaging service to all, you can now connect with anyone you wish to via the facebook messenger window. All you need to know is the persons name and you can send him a contact request.

If someone send you a request it will come up in your inbox. You can choose to accept it or ignore it. While it may look to be invasive of privacy and you may not like that, other social media sites like linkedin and Twitter are have always been encourage this. On Twitter you can follow anyone and also now send a direct message to anyone with a twitter handle. Linkedin give you an option to directly send invites to people who you many not know but want to be a part of their network.

Whichever way you look at it, invasive or non-invasive its about having more reach and being connected with people across the globe.However spam will continue as it does on all the platforms and Facebook will have to keep a check on spammy messages and invites that may potentially be invasion of privacy.

Facebook calls it the “Fundamental Update” – wanting to connect Facebook IM users across the globe by messaging without having to friend each other.

Happy Facebook Messaging 🙂

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