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5 Reasons Why Pinterest Can Increase Sales Remarkably

by amol238


Social media sites have redefined the digital marketing success. Decades before, search engine optimization was only the technique most marketers focused on to promote their websites.

With the evolution of social networks, the prospect has changed completely and most marketers focus on these sites to improve the conversion and sales.

Well, the next question you’d be hitting me with is finding the ideal platform to promote the business and enhance sales! Yes, it is a to-be answered question. But, answering the question is tough as it depends on the business type to realize which platform will suit their needs perfectly for maximum outputs.

At present, Pinterest is widely preferred by many as it has the ability to enhance the prospects of any business exceptionally. This platform is an ideal choice for ecommerce sites as it can propel the sales of the products easily.

This platform is believed to be product-friendly and it is the reason why most ecommerce sites are focusing on this fantastic tool to leverage sales and conversion.

Pinterest vs. Other platforms:
It is difficult to answer which platform to choose from as there are several social networks available. Pinterest has a little edge over the other competitors and it is the reason why most businesses focus on this wonder platform.

Everybody knows that Facebook and Twitter are most powerful platforms with billions of users. Yet the growth of Pinterest over the years is awesome and remarkable. The esteemed platform has acquired more than millions of users in a short span of time and is improving.

Pinterest for ecommerce:

Compared to other platforms, Pinterest is ideally suitable for ecommerce as it is all about product selling. A huge advantage with this popular tool over others is it can help businesses with direct traffic compared to others.

Product-specific pin sells:
Pinterest works this way. It is all about creating pins on the pinboard. For every re-pin by others, you’ll be getting more visibility. If your product-related pins are innovative and valuable to users then you can expect maximum re-pins for direct sales.

A pin which is multiple times re-pinned will get improved traffic as well as conversions.

High-quality images with content:
Pinterest is growing popular because of its ability to blend content with images.

Any pin with images of high resolution and substantial information will result in maximum re-pins. Providing a variety of information to readers with solid images will garner their attentions and help improve sales remarkably.

Re-pinning other’s pins impresses:
Don’t hesitate to re-pin others stuff. Interacting with others and following the pins of others will help you earn the trust and this eventually will improve the performance of your brand and sales. Come up with different posts with unique content and images to impress others on the board.

All the aforementioned points are practiced by top-notch ecommerce businesses around the globe. Pinterest is a fast-emerging platform and kick starting the business campaigns here will improve the overall performance of your business exceptionally well.

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Teachers Day 2014 August 20, 2014 - 12:49 pm

i wasnt aware of the usefullness of pinterest.thansk a lot,now i will work on my blog and implement it…!

Ankit Jaiswal August 21, 2014 - 6:34 am

Hi ZK,
Really Pinterest have emerged as a really great platform for marketing your product. Similar is the StumbleUpon. Both the sites have gained lots of popularity in a real short time.
Pinterest have helped us to get conversions in the past.

veronicajose August 21, 2014 - 7:22 am

Nice article.. Pinterest it helps a lot to increase sales.. Thanks for posting…

vineet kumar August 29, 2014 - 3:39 am

Hello ZK, Nice one, again an absolutely excellent blog post.
Pinterest can really help a lot in increasing sales . I recently discovered Pinterest and I never really thought about using Pinterest for a business but after reading your post this definitely changed my mind. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site…ever. “Pinners” can create, share, collect and repost information in picture, image or video format. I’ve been looking for an in depth discussion about how to actually utilize Pinterest for my business and this one lays out a great course of actions.

Pinterest is an excellent way of showcasing your products and of demonstrating your passion and expertise in a particular area, and when your content engages people, they will like and share (repin) it, helping your content spread virally.
Very thorough and clear post! Thanks for sharing, looking forward for more posts by you.

ljupatan September 22, 2014 - 8:21 pm

i wasnt aware of the usefulness of Pinterest, but now i think that Pinterest can really help a lot in increasing sales .


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