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A Smashing Web Copy in 10 Simple Steps

by amol238

Web Copy - Smashing

The dilemma of a content writer is to decide which style is the best to attract and hold the readers’ attention. Content writers are creative people and they don’t want to sacrifice their own style to please the readers. The ideal process is to find out a suitable style which will interest the readers. They will easily understand it and you also get to satisfy your creativity.

In web world users have very less attention and patience. They simply scan a website in 10-20 seconds and decide whether they want to read the site in detail or not. So, your web copy must be interesting and compelling enough to attract them.

Here are the 10 tips that can help you to create the perfect balance and write a creative yet business oriented web copy.

1. Use first/second person style– Would you like to read a copy that speaks vaguely? Probably not! While writing a web copy put yourself in the readers’ position and think what they like. Using a personal style is the best way to grab reader’s attention and make him feel welcomed. Use the conversational style to convince the reader that you are addressing him exclusively. Use “you”, “your”, “we”, “our” etc. to increase his interest and make him feel relaxed.

If it’s a personal website or blog then in the “About Me” page give your picture. Don’t you always want to meet your favorite poet? It helps your readers to connect with you and builds a bond. Facebook and Twitter links are helpful as well. But even if they don’t start following you in the social networks, users get familiar with your writing and recognize you from the about me page.

2. Lucid language– In content writing, you are writing for a variety of visitors. Your site may be about new scientific discoveries but if you use a jargon filled language that only PhD holders understand then forget about online traffic! Writing in a lucid language does not mean you have to sacrifice the professional style. You need to balance both to create a compelling copy. Know your target audience and write accordingly to attract them.

3. Share personal stories– People like a storyteller, not a preacher. To bond with the users share personal experiences, opinions, realizations.

4. Use images– Pictures convey the message much effectively than 100 words. In your web copy insert the pictures that have a relation with the content and can converse the message more effectively. Websites without images looks congested and create eye fatigue.

5. After writing, read– To learn whether your web copy is good enough or not, read your own writing. Once you finish writing read loudly, and if your reading speed stumbles or one sentence sound awkwardly, you will instantly realize that it needs to be modified.

6. Edit after writing is done– Finish the complete web copy and then start editing. Add or delete words, change sentences to make the copy more readable. But never write and edit simultaneously. It will hamper the writing speed and natural flow.

7. Infuse wit and humor– Web copywriters often forget to add a little humor in their copy. Everyone likes humor and especially in long articles the witty/humorous lines give a much needed break and refreshment.

8. Don’t use colloquial language– Using a personal tone doesn’t mean using colloquial words. When you are writing for a corporate house your content should be appreciated by the industry leaders as well and too much colloquial tone can hurt the brand image.

9. Use keywords– Research and find out the relevant keywords on the topic you are writing. Use them in the content for better SEO. Keywords will draw more traffic and increase business.

10. Use bullet points– Web users generally scan the content. They don’t read the whole paragraph. So, use bold headings, bold points, bullet lists and italics wherever possible.

Web designers may argue that visitors come to a site because of their design but the fact is visitors come looking for information. If your content is well researched and easy to understand readers will come back to your site time after time.

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Ruth25 S. December 14, 2011 - 2:08 am

These are good tips Kush and I believe that if some newbie writer adapt these simple step they can attract more reader to there blog. Writing is an art that needs more attention to attract the reader.

Social Network Design December 14, 2011 - 4:33 am

Thanks for the advices.One have to be very smart while copying the content in order to avoid duplicacy.

sam @ goa carnival December 14, 2011 - 5:57 am


Nice and perfect way to attract to many and i like most #4 and #5 points which both are i think perfect to do any kind of work if you really wants to grow your business.


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