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Facebook Launches Self Help Guide For Businesses

by amol238

Facebook Tools

Facebook recently launched “Facebook for Business” a comprehensive guide to market your products and services on Facebook.

If you are a new blogger or a small business owner trying to understand how facebook works and how you can build a large community of facebook fans then this is an awesome resource to help you build presence.

Facebook for business guide focuses on the main facebook platform, facebook ads, sponsored stories, fan pages and more. The guide does an excellent job of explaining the various opportunities that exisits on Facebook by using its powerful marketing tools.

The launch timing is perfect and gives a strong message of encouragement to bloggers and small busineses on how they can use facebook to build their presence unlike Google’s Plus platform that does not yet allow company profiles.

Facebook seems to be taking Google Plus as a very serious player in the market. It wants to ensue that it builds features and applications that are top class for its users.

With the help of the guide you can:

1)Build a presence on Facebook:
– Learn how to create pages and profiles for your business, link your profile and business to places and let your friends know when they check in to your store , make your website social by added the Facebook like button, and other sharing facebook features.

2)Engage with your community:
– Use your page to engage with your community , learn to post regular updates, posts and other relevant offers, get to know your community better by responding to their feedback, learn how to increase engagement and visibility for your facebook page.

3)Advertise on Facebook:
– Create an ad and take advantage of the 750 million strong facebook community.

Check out Facebook for Business

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Shanker Bakshi @Net Profit Mantra August 1, 2011 - 12:18 pm

At present Google + do not allow to create business pages so right time for facebook to cash on its business page creation service. This is the only way they can show that they have something extra over Google + . Good Luck Mark

Melvin August 1, 2011 - 1:47 pm

This is definitely interesting since the guide comes from Facebook itself. I’m pretty Google plus would implement their own version as well in the near future.

sunny @iphone 5 case August 1, 2011 - 11:17 pm

Guess it’s google+ push facebook to do so. As google+ has group chatting, then facebook brings skype in. So it’s good news. lOL.

Forts & palaces of Rajasthan August 2, 2011 - 6:05 am

Facebook is the king of social media industry, and this is the the terrific guide from the king for their users to make it more helpful and useful for people. These are the thing that differentiate between competitors and the real king.

air conditioner problems August 4, 2011 - 2:19 am

Yeah, Facebook is the king of social media industry, This is very interesting post. I’m pretty Google plus would implement their own version as well in the near future.

Carla Yocum August 5, 2011 - 3:31 am

Finally, something that will help me on my way to the top! Facebook should encourage young people too. Not just the 20 something to infinity age bracket. Thanks for the heads up!

Carla Yocum August 5, 2011 - 3:33 am

Something new to look forward to! Facebook should encourage people to be more business-minded.

lovely @ Spiritual Movies August 9, 2011 - 7:20 am

I agree, Facebook is the best place to promote anything,you want to be known, especially when it comes to making your business grow.

Epivir August 17, 2011 - 2:05 am

I used the Facebook Self Help Guide For Businesses. And I can say that it is best to use.

Kelli October 9, 2011 - 12:58 am

It’s actually a bit cryptic trying to find info on creating an actual FB “page,” but once you find your way around, it’s not such a big deal.


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