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Gain New Customers With Overflow Cafe

by amol238

Overflow Cafe

Google killed SEO, SEO is dead, these are some of the conversations you’ll find on webmaster and online marketing forums.

Is SEO really dead?

After the numerable Panda and Penguin updates that Google has rolled out in the last 2 – 3 years it has seriously dented the organic search rankings of not only smaller sites but also a majority of high traffic sites also. Overflow Cafe has a solution.

Overflow Cafe is one of the most unique SEO agencies in the world. Started in 1995 when the internet was still a baby, Overflow Cafe has now helped over 40,000 small businesses succeed.

“I heard one of our clients used to be on welfare, a single mom who now earns $600,000 (USD) per year as an event planner.” Says Jeff Hall, an Overflow Cafe team member.

Overflow Cafe gives a portion, usually 10% profits to charities and employees are encouraged to do weekly volunteer work. Some of the companies favorite charitable passions include micro-business programs in third world countries, such as the ones found at Kiva.

Overflow Cafe makes your website popular so that you rank on the first page of search for your products and services. You’ll gain more control over what search results say about your business. The increase in rankings will help you gain more visitors and traffic to your site.

There are hundreds of places your business needs to be listed online and Overflow Cafe puts you in all of them while you sit back and relax.

Potential customers will find you first (instead of your competitors) and find you more often. You will move up in search rankings until you dominate the first page. You’ll be provided with expert business advice to improve your website and fine tune your business plans. Every 30 days you will receive an easy to understand progress report to keep track of your great results.

All this for a flat fee of $29 / month. It might be time to give Overflow Cafe a try. Visit them at www.overflowcafe.com and check out the Overflow Cafe reviews page also.

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