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How to Monitor your Competition with AdClarity

by amol238

The internet is vast on last count in December 2012 there were more than 634 million websites. The vastness represents a huge opportunity for web owners to reach a wider audience and promote their products.

No doubt the internet is a level playing field, your competitor has the same opportunity to advertise and promote products on the same sites that you would like to advertise.

– So how do you monitor what your competition is doing ?
– How do you know which sites they are advertising on ?
– What is the kind of media spend that they have allocated for each site?
– What are the kind of creative elements that they use to drive traffic to their products?

The more information you have about your competition the better position you are in to take decisions and succeed.

Let’s look at a tool called Adclairty, it’s a tool that will help you monitor your competition without them knowing what your upto.


What is AdClarity ?
AdClairty is simple and easy to use toolbar that is packed with high intelligence algorithms to monitor and report competitive activities.

Let me explain for example when you look at an ad banner or a display ad you know what the ad promoting. What you don’t know is which was the agency that executed the ad, which was the ad network that displayed the ad., which sites is the ad presently running ?

Such questions remain unanswered that’s where AdClarity works hard to give you the correct information. With AdClarity you can know who the advertiser was, which network ran the ad, which publishers are running he ads across the globe and much more.

My Account
When you open an account with AdClarity you have access to your dashboard where you can add an entity (ie. A competitor or a website) and start to monitor its activity. The smart algos will work to show you where the ad is published, which location are they targeting and when did they launch the ad.

AdClarity Dashboard

Monitor Competition
You can monitor competitive activities in real time with this tool, ie. If your looking to monitor publishers, you can see that the CNN.com site has 1 billion pageviews with 38 billion visitors.

AdClarity CNN

The site has 325 advertisers, 547 campaigns and 1098 unique creatives are running on the site. Now this is confidential data which is not available in public domain and that’s where the complex algos of AdClarity work to fetch the data and give you information about your competition.

If your looking to advertise your product or brand on CNN you know the kind of competition and ads that are running on the site. The data from AdClarity gives you an informative landscape that will help you take a decision – to advertise or not to advertise on CNN.

How much will it cost ?

It’s not very expensive to open an account with AdClarity, the present costing is $299 for small businesses and professional. I think the pricing is very competitive based on the kind of intelligence that that tool gives. You can also set up a 24 trial account for $0.99 to test the tool.

Check out AdClarity

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Martin July 3, 2013 - 3:37 am

trends come and go but it’s always cool to stay on top of them and know what your competitors are doing! I think the “top publishers” aspect sounds really cool especially. What also seems really cool is being able to figure out which ad networks they use sneaky ninja tactics for the win.

Tushar July 3, 2013 - 1:46 pm

adclarity service look awesome, will try and see how it works…

Jake Mrry July 3, 2013 - 10:17 pm

Very Nice article. Though these are basic things that everyone is supposed to know and follow but its these that we so often miss or neglect and that’s what, i suppose, differentiates a good blogger from a great one! Thank you for this lovely piece of information.

Peer to Peer Lending July 4, 2013 - 11:01 pm

Great idea. Love the inside information on the competition. Definitely going to check out AdClarity.

Shruti August 15, 2013 - 1:06 am

Thank you, ZK for your article. To clarify, our reference to “hacks” was to certain mundane Firefox add-ons.
AdClarity has been in development over several years, during which we consulted the industry’s top players in order to answer their business pains. Our application currently offers multiple locations in one interface, simple navigation between entities (publishing sites, advertisers, networks, campaigns) for a comprehensive analysis. We have the technology to monitor millions of sites and provide geography, demographics and category targeting information. We invite everyone to try our completely free version at http://www.AdClarity.com and contact us for more information about the full application.

ZK August 15, 2013 - 3:48 pm

Thanks Shruti for the clarification..AdClarity is an awesome tool


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