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3 Shopping Cart Problems and Tips to Overcome

by amol238

shopping cart abandonment

Ecommerce is ruling the roost today and most retail owners focus on setting up online stores to expand business and improve sales. The Internet is flooded with millions of ecommerce sites.

So, it is apparent that the competition out there is fierce. It is the reason why just a few online product sites are successful and others vanish in the expanses of information superhighway.

A top reason why most sites online falter is due to the poor shopping cart performance. If you’re someone confronting shopping cart problems and looking for tips to overcome, this post is exclusively for you. Come along, learn the few tricks to make your ecommerce site stand up and deliver in the internet.

Problem 1: Poor Designing
A major problem confronted by most visitors online is the design and layout of websites. If your website isn’t colored to perfection and eye-pleasing, chances are there that the visitors will leave the site in a few seconds leading to 100% bounce rate. This isn’t a good sign to any business owner as it shows customers don’t prefer the shopping cart structure, layout and designing.

Tip: Hiring Professional Designer
There’s no harm in designing the shopping cart of the site on your own. But, the knowledge and update on the platform would be limited and this could affect business.

Approaching a professional designer and explaining him with the requirements will help construct a high-quality website with stunning designing attributes and exceptional layout.

Problem 2: Poor Navigation
5 out of 10 ecommerce visitors encounter this problem. It takes tedious efforts to construct a site and build links to create traffic to it.

But, what if the customers reach the site and not able to access anything properly? This could be detrimental. Remember, a biggest catch with online visitors is once they leave any dubious site they’ll never visit it again.

Tip: Creating User-Friendly Navigation
Creating and adding menus to the site that are easy to access and click purchase is recommended.

Standing in the customer shoes is simple and effective way to design a cart with simple and efficient navigations. Even designing the “buy now” in a bold and attractive color will grab the attention of customers in no time.

Problem 3: Poor Checkout Facility

9 out of 10 Ecommerce visitors confront this problem and it is the most common problem of 99% shopping carts. A poor shopping cart page with long and surplus form fills will annoy any visitor and eventually will force them to exit the cart and try some other site with simple checkout options.

Tip: One Step Checkout
Simplifying the checkout process is an effective way. Today, there are lots of extensions available in the market that can be implemented on the site to improve the checkout page performance.

Offering one step checkout page to visitors is the widely practiced technique today and it fetches remarkable returns.

The problems discussed above aren’t the only ones that hinder the performance of any shopping cart. But these are major problems that can disrupt and bring down the performance of any website. If you’ve experienced such problems before, share them through comments.

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Victoria September 15, 2014 - 11:00 am

Thank you for your tips – I fully agree from my customers experience that long and unclear check-out process can ruin even decided purchase. When the user doesn’t understand how much more info he needs to give and why he becomes annoyed and can just leave in process

Martin Arryn September 16, 2014 - 5:01 am

I’d say the biggest problem with ecommerce sites isn’t the shopping cart but the that fact that they aren’t as known as bigger sites, leading to them not appearing as trustworthy. Obviously this means that to appear trustworthy you also need have a proper shopping cart that works as well as your competition.


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