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Blogging for Business – 5 Untold Secrets

by amol238

Blogging For Business

Tearing down the competition online and breaking into the top 10 search results of search engines isn’t easy. 90% of online entrepreneurs are striving hard to succeed and a few succeed as well. In most cases, blogging spearheads the success.

It is apparent that blogging is a powerful weapon to beat the competition and reach out a wide range of audiences in a short interval of time. In reality, it is an arduous task. It is the reason why a few succeeded with powerful blogs on the business websites while others falter.

This post aims at providing some great insights and tips on blogs and how to create a powerful one for your business which improves traffic and generates leads.

Let’s get started with the untold secrets which will help any business to set up a celebrated blog offering meticulous information to readers.

Blog on company updates:
The ultimate aim of any blogging on website is to promote the business and services. Write on recent happenings in the company like product updates, employee hires, customer satisfaction, product launch, new facility, partnerships, giveaways, freebies, etc. with other companies, product release, CEO and MD interviews, customer problems, etc. on a regular basis and this will help any reader interested and following your company frequently.

Blog on industry standards:
Remember, blogs on business websites are not exclusively meant for creating awareness about the products and services offered. It’s all about updating customers with recent happenings.

Writing the recent changes and updates in the industry will help your customers realize what’s happening in and out which in turn will create trust on you and your website.

Blog on conferences and seminars:

It is a wise move to focus on the upcoming seminars and conferences related to your industry. Listing the to-be happening business gatherings with place, time, detail and agenda will garner the interests of many and will increase the followers in a quick succession of time.

Blog on customer queries and solutions:

This is an out-of-the-box idea to stay tuned with the customers and win their trust in no time. By listening to the customer queries and offering them with meticulous solutions, it will not benefit them but also numerous readers who confront the same problem over some time.

Such type of posts will create a reputation for your website and sooner or later your blogs will be followed by millions all over the globe.

Blog only genuine and valuable information:
Offering credible and genuine information that is unique and reader-friendly will garner the attention of readers all across the globe. Focus on the quality to keep your readers engaged with posts and often reply to the comments and critics to ensure you listen to them.

Double-check the information before posting and ensure whether it’ll be useful to everyone reading it. Besides, checkout whether the information will stand out from the heaps of posts available online and will help readers.

With the aforementioned tips it becomes evident that blogging when used purposefully will yield better results to any business. Kick start the blogging for your business in a new dimension and capture the attention of readers to convert them to potential buyers.

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Shankar Banjara September 13, 2014 - 4:50 am

Wow what a unique article that reflect all hidden secret about blogging i like and love to know about that thanks

Property Marbella September 19, 2014 - 9:23 am

Hi ZK, it was a long time ago I wrote a comment in your blog, its time again:
Blogging is a powerful way to promote your business. People within the same branch are always curious to see what the competitors are doing. Write strong titles, “success with new …satisfied customers after we made ​​….. our new employees … They will follow your blog, as will potential customers to do so.

ZK September 20, 2014 - 3:25 pm

Thank for the comment and welcome back 🙂

Jennifer September 23, 2014 - 11:28 am

Hey ZK really interesting blog you have there. The problem i am facing is how to make the difference between information that has been tampered with and the information that is real ? With over 80% of blogs used by S.E.O companies or private companies, how can we trust the information that is out there ?


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