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Pinterest Vs. Facebook – An Unusual Comparison

by amol238


Social is evolving fast and every day a few new sites add up to the list and some eliminated. Hope many of you remember MySpace, Digg, etc.? They’re not even considered by many nowadays as they add no value to anyone using it. Especially, businesses look out for platforms that connect with customers and promote their products at the same time.

If you’ve recently analyzed the performances of social media sites, you’d be able to zero in on two quality sites that are widely preferred by everyone to promote and improve the business: Facebook and Pinterest.

It’s true that comparing these two can be highly unusual as they have their own pros and cons and work differently. But, still comparing a few ideas would help businesses to leverage the best one to expand traffic and enhance sales.

Strong Customer Base

Facebook: It is power-packed with billions of customers and it is the social network site with maximum number of registered users. This platform is ideal for business as they can connect with tons of people in no time.

Pinterest: It comprises relatively less number of registered users compared to Facebook. But, the recent statistics and surveys reveal that this platform is growing remarkably fast and its customer base is doubled in a short span of time. It apparently reveals this could be a serious challenger to Facebook at some point of time.

Marketing Benefits

Facebook: This network is still believed to convert customers through referrals as any popular post promoted will go viral. Once, it was easy to promote the products. Now, Facebook has brought in some stringent guidelines to promote any product for improving sales. The recent algorithms implemented are due to help users enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Pinterest: It is a wonderful marketing medium for most businesses today. This platform has the ability to produce direct sales to businesses and this is added advantage for most small, medium and large businesses.

Chic and Stylish

Facebook: Still it is considered and adored as one of the popular medium with stylish looks and function. But, there is a catch. It is limited to visual-based content promotion. However, promoting text-based ads, posts with images of small sizes is still on the cards.

Pinterest: Excellent place to connect with customers with visual and text based content. Blending visuals with text is the formula that is creating wonderful results in the business sector today and practising the same on Pinterest will double the sales in no time.

The above comparison isn’t for deciding which is the better of the two. They both have their own positive and negative points. But, when it comes to business approach, Pinterest holds a slight edge over

Facebook as it can promote visual content wildly and convert results in a quick interval of time. Share your comments if you think otherwise.

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Geet Choudhary September 4, 2014 - 6:07 am

Great article.Thank you for writing this post. I have never rated Facebook as a good Business platform .But I knew that Facebook is a best way to spread your business.Many Social media users prefer to keep their business and social lives separate. I use Pinterest in a big way.

sumit September 5, 2014 - 9:12 am

no comparision between facebook and pinterest

Asif Ali Raza September 16, 2014 - 4:50 am

Nice Explanation , Pinterest Is Also Good Site , Pinteresr Have Some Good Features Than Facebook.

Silvana September 16, 2014 - 4:48 pm

facebook vs pinterest,there is no comparison 🙂

ruthruth3 October 1, 2014 - 5:03 am

facebook and pinterest are both good…


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