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5 Awesome Apps to Get Organized – Smartphone is your New Personal Assistant

by amol238

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In today’s fast paced world you are always on the run to catch up with your office assignments, changing shifts, school schedules, family meetings, doctor appointments and more. Well, how do you stay organized and cool headed with so many things around your life keeping you busy and bothered all the time.

There are hundreds of apps to assist you in being productive and clutter free in your life, but spotting the good ones is in fact time taking. So we have listed below 5 smart apps that help you get organized:

1. ReQall:
Welcome to the smart digital age, where you can speak to your smartphone and inform it about your list of things to do for the day. This app lets you tell your phone when to pick up your kids from school and more (you may even email/text).

This app then smartly detects what you’ve spoken and then classifies and organizes it under various categories like a meeting or appointment and reminds you later when it’s time to do it. Well, it doesn’t stop there it can also group your future events, so if you need to pick your kids in the same location where you have a coffee meeting, it will suggest you on picking up your kids after the meeting.

2. LastPass:
Heck yes, we live in a world where passwords are required for every website we visit, either to shop or just to connect with our friends. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can store all those countless crazy passwords all in one place where we can access them at will?

This is exactly what LastPass app can do for you, although the storage pace it provides is also password safe. So you just need to keep in memory this one password to access all the others. In addition, it also stores details like your form filling information such as name/address to save time while logging into new sites.

3. EverNote:
– As they say an idea can transform your lifestyle, with Evernote app you no longer have to worry about forgetting ideas or losing links or pictures, as it comes loaded with wonderful features.

Whatever you can see/hear, this app can safely store it for you to avail it later. Moreover, it’s easy to tag and search with this app, so you can easily spot even the tiny things. It’s time you worked on that business plan of yours which you saved in Evernote a week ago!

4. Dropbox:
Well nothing looks bad on you, than reaching your office meeting without those important documents you require. Well, Dropbox eliminates this embarrassment as it provides smart space to safely keep all the important files and documents you require in the future. It is easy to share files with this app and the free version comes with 2GB of free space.

5. EasilyDo:
You certainly will not miss anything when you install the EasilyDo app. This quickly connects with your social media profile, calendar and even emails and gathers all this data in one place.

So in essence, it lets you know when it’s time to catch the next flight (by storing information about your future trips) or when to send anniversary wishes. It’s just what you need to stay in line with your schedule.

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1 comment

Rosina February 10, 2015 - 8:25 am

Nice list of apps. I am already using Evernote and Lastpass. Other three apps are new to me. Gonna try them.


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