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5 Emergency Apps for iOS and Android

by amol238

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Natural disasters strike at any time and they have the ability to throw the lives out of gear in no time. Preparing and combating against disasters is crucial to live a stress-free life.

Well, with the technology advancement, it is simple to fight, prepare and protect against disasters. Today, mobile have become an integral part of the lives and utilizing their benefits to the fullest is the best way to live a joyful and sophisticated life.
Smart phones have become a necessity today.

Several reports claim that 98% of people spend most of their precious times on the hand held devices. With so many cool features like checking out emails, social media updates, surfing net, playing games, etc. mobile phones have conquered the hearts of many.

But, how many of you realize the mobile phone and apps can be constructive in preparing against disasters? Sounds interesting?

Read further.

Discussed below are 5 top emergency applications for preparing and preventing against natural disasters.

1. Flashlight:
A first and foremost element everyone needs at the time of natural disasters is light facility as power outages are common. An innovative app exclusively designed to help people affected power outages is Flashlight.

Top features:
• Bright flashlight
• Widget with multiple layouts
• On and off buttons
• Simple and easy controls
• Small memory footprint
• Adjustable on/off intervals when blinking, etc.

2. FEMA:
FEMA is a wonderful iOS app with some stunning features. This app helps people to stay safe and recover after a disaster with an interactive checklist for emergency kits, plan, and recovery information.

With this app it is easy to prepare and protect against any types of disasters.

Top features:
• Provides information on types of disaster
• Provides checklist for protecting against disasters
• Surprises with a map facility to report after disasters
• Helps live safely, etc.

3. Disaster Readiness:
Another powerful and popular app widely downloaded by most people is Disaster Readiness The prime benefit of this app is its ability to educate people with different types of disasters and provide them with possible ideas and safety measures to protect against them.

Top features:
• Helps with disaster safety videos
• Quick dial emergency phone numbers to contact
• Works on both iPhones and iPads
• Provides with emergency checklist, etc.

4. UbAlert:
Available for both Android and iOS users. This app provides wealth of information on types of disasters and how to protect against them during crunch times.

UbAlert is a global social network and this app shares impeccable safety measures on disaster management and recovery.

Top benefits:

• Interactive map
• Events sorting facility
• Reporting events
• Sharing details
• Saving report, etc.

5. Disaster Alert:
This iPhone app provides alerts about global events like Hurricanes, tropical cyclones, drought, earthquake, tsunami, etc. Also, provides additional information about hazards and it can viewed and shared as well.

Top benefits:
• Interactive map
• Push notification facility
• Background map selection facility
• Automatic updates, etc.

With such powerful apps in place fighting and preventing against disasters won’t be a tough ask to many. Please share your thoughts if you’ve already used these apps during disasters in the comments section.

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Faizan Asad July 16, 2014 - 11:13 am

Wow great and amazing apps you mentioned here.thanks for sharing


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