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5 Must-Have Security Apps for Women

by amol238

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According to many reports and surveys conducted by different sources, the global crime rate against women is 55-70%. This necessitates the significance of ensuring and employing safety and security measures for them.
Protecting each and every woman across the globe is off-putting and practically impossible.

But, any woman can protect herself from different kinds of potentials threats easily! Puzzled? Read further.

An effective solution that can floor crime rate against women is an app. The smartphone market is growing by leaps and bounds. With demands increasing globally, 90% of smartphone brands are striving hard to come up with user-friendly apps to stay above the rest of competitors.

Decades ago, the apps were entertainment-specific and didn’t carry any special features that can help the society and people. But, things have changed rapidly since then.

78% of developers around the world are now focusing on developing apps that can significantly contribute to users downloading it. As a result, there are some enticing apps for women that can improve their security standards to a new level.

Listed below are the top 5 security apps for women. Download and install them on your smartphones and start living a threat-free life.

1. WatchMe 911
An innovative app exclusively designed for women using iPhones and living single. Placing Watchme 911 app on your screen is recommended as it is easy to operate during times of emergencies.

Top features of this app include:
– Panic alarm and flashlight
– Automatic emergency dial
– Panic and monitor mode

Once tapped, this app sends SMS with GPS location of yours to a predefined contact saved on your phone book. This helps your dear one to locate you and possibly save from danger.

2. Sentinel
Stirring app for Android-savvy women! Installing Sentinel on your Android device can help women when they are in danger. Now, it is also available in an upgraded version of 3.2.

Best features of this app include:
– Calls your near and dear ones instantly
– SMS with Location-based URL for easy identification
– Location-tracking emails
– Live-tracking information via email

Once triggered, this app sends instant alerts to the near and dear and prompts to take action instantly before the situation worsens. This possibly can reduce the risk of abusive threats against women.

3. b Safe:
Breathtaking Android app designed for women safety. Downloading and installing b Safe can help woman stay out of potential threats in and around her anywhere, any time.

Powerful features of this app include:
– Create and set up personal networking list
– Location sharing facility
– GPS-driven to track and monitor movements
– Automatic alarm set up and trigger
– Guardian alert button

Upon pressing the guardian alert button, the dear ones in your networking list will be informed accordingly. So, in no time, your friends or guardians can help the women under threat easily.

4. Circle of 6:
Amazing iOS app for women that can protect to protect them from all types of threats! Installing circle of 6 can help women to pass messages to dear ones for assured safety.

Magnificent features of this app include:
– Create emergency contact list
– Pre-set messages
– Customized message with location
– Request to call the person in danger

On activating this app any woman in danger can contact her loved ones to ensure safety at times of emergencies.

5. Suspects registry:
Impressive Android app for protecting women against different sorts of threats and abuses! Suspects registry is power packed with multiple features.

The amazing features of this app include:
– Add 3 emergency contacts
– Panic alarm with 60 seconds voice recording
– Can record incidents
– Upload on social media pages like Facebook

With such powerful features, using this app at times of emergency will help women protect themselves against crimes.

Discussed above are 5 useful apps that can help women from various physical and sexual abusive threats. Any woman can download and install it on her smartphone and protect herself against potential hazards.

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Sandra Crowe July 20, 2014 - 10:56 pm

Isn’t technology great? If I may add you should also have a power bank with you because even with those upgrades on apps there is still one problem; your energy source. What the use of your apps if you don’t have any bars left in your battery?


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