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7 Best Password Manager Apps to make your life easy

by amol238

Online Security

Have you ever been in a dilemma about not being able to remember your passwords on the Internet for various sites? Frankly, the web can be a daunting place without proper protection, so much so that security on the Internet is a topic for discussion more than ever.

Well not to worry, because today there are cool password management apps that help you to sync passwords on all your sites. The right password manager must be one that not only locks your passwords with encryption, but simultaneously permits you to synchronize all your passwords on the web and alter them in one simple click.

One of the most ideal of password manager apps is Last Pass. After you have created the master password the Last Pass app permits you to bring in all other user names and passwords that have been logged in from Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, etc and you can conveniently delete all details from your machine. All you are required to do is remember your password on Last Pass app.

1Password is another password manager app that has all the features of Last Pass plus has an excellent instinctive user interface and something called ‘watchtower’ that informs you if any breaches happen on the websites!

However if you are searching for a decent mainstream solution why not give KeePass a try? KeePass is free and suited for Windows, Linux and Mac. KeePass application utilizes extremely safe Twofish and AES algorithms and can also be utilized in thumb drives to copy information to many devices with little or no hassle.

The highly spontaneous and easy Dashlane app has the capabilities to alter a horde of passwords with just a couple of clicks.

The Sticky Password Premium is capable of doing everything that you look forward to where it concerns password management.

The Robot Form Desktop can be installed on your all your devices to ensure maintenance of one single group of passwords and data filling forms.

The Password Genie 4.4 contains everything that can be expected from such an app not to mention filling in web forms by default.

Are you using any password app ?

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Tanvir November 10, 2015 - 5:25 am

Thanks your post help my password problem solved

Charles Morgen November 23, 2015 - 2:42 am

Now a days security is very important issue. Password manager App very helpful for our Id and password security. You shared such great information.Thank you for sharing.


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