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Android Lollipop Vs. Android Kitkat – 7 Awesome Features

by amol238


Google’s latest Android version, the Lollipop is quickly begging to unfold on Nexus devices and here are seven unique features that you can’t find in the old KitKat version:

1. Tap & Go:
– It’s just that simple, the Tap & Go feature is a standout as this lets you share and transfer data like never before (driven by Bluetooth and NFC) by just keeping your tablet/phone against a new one. Right from account details to apps and wallpapers everything gets transferred swiftly.

2. Notifications can now be managed from Lock Screen:
– Yes, that’s true; Android Lollipop version has taken it a step further, by introducing this feature. You don’t just view the notifications, but you can also manage and communicate with them right on your lock screen.

So you can just swipe it to ignore or tap the notification to respond and more based on the notification you get on your lock screen.

3. Better Battery Life:

– Thanks to the Google’s special project Volta, as it’s here to help improve the battery life, unlike the Kitkat version. It comes with a unique battery saver feature, that’s innovative and intuitive!

For instance, if you are in a place with weak data signals, it can automatically detect it and puts a halt on the frequent network data requests which can drain your battery.

It’s also possible to estimate the battery life as the Lollipop version forecasts approximately how much time is available before the battery gets exhausted.

4. Arrange and Line up your apps:
– How about this, you can arrange and line up your apps according to your priority. So you can allow important applications to bother you even when you are busy.

It’s simple to set up this feature where you have the option to either block or mark them as important. So it’s prioritized interruption from now on!

5. Google Search Bar for Network and Settings app:
– The Google search bar is of course becoming more universal, as it made its way into the popular settings app. So you don’t have to worry about looking for a specific option, as you can use the Google search option to find it and the same applies to Wi-Fi zone where you can easily spot saved networks.

6. The Guest Mode:
– Of course sharing your device with your colleagues or family folks can be uncomfortable at times. But not so with Android Lollipop version, as you can use the unique Guest mode feature where you can just add a guest from your user account settings. So take it easy, next time when a kid asks you to hand him your device.

7. You can quickly access Apps after a Restart:
– This is a cool new feature that lets you access apps you’ve been using before the reboot, unlike the Kitkat version or older ones. So you can still spot them on the overview screen after the reboot and you can easily return to a website or chat if required.

Now we’re talking, let’s see how it works out for you!

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Girlgetsengaged December 3, 2014 - 3:59 am

Well they appears to be a massive improvement with lollipop! thanks for sharing your insight!

namansacher23 December 4, 2014 - 6:01 am


kiran December 4, 2014 - 7:02 am

nice it is suitable for evryone


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