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5 Popular Astronomy apps for passionate Stargazers

by amol238

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Do you happen to be one of those people who love star gazing and have a passion for astronomy?

With the wonderful advances happening in science and technology, you now have the convenience of downloading amazing astronomer apps on your smart phone to gaze at stars and constellations to your heart’s content.

What more could you ask for! The most accepted astronomer apps are mentioned below.

1. Star Chart – This wonderful app allows you to step 10,000 years either forward or backward and even enables you to switch your location to gaze at the sky from any other point on earth.

It also comes equipped with improved catalog of stars, meteors and comets.

2. NASA App– As an enthusiastic astronomer are you interested in following what NASA is doing? Then this app is perfect for you.

It keeps you updated on all tweets, features, satellite trackers and also provides you with live telecast from the NASA TV. The app is also featured with a count-down clock and is enabled to follow ISS opportunities in sighting.

3. Sky View Free – This app is enabled to provide you with data regarding the path of different objects in the sky and keeps you informed about all the bright lights that you witness up there.

It also helps you to trace specific space stations or stars and even permits you to share this through twitter or Facebook to all your friends.

4. Go Sky Watch Planetarium – Specially designed for your iPad alone this app provides you with ample data about any planet or star you have in mind that you can see with your naked eye.

This is made possible with the iPad’s huge screen and 180 degree view. Just point to any object in the sky and it will bring forth all that you need to know about that object.

5. Star and Planet Finder – This is another astronomer application that can seek out whatever star or planet you choose from the list and helps you to show its right location with the aid of your phone’s back camera.

While some planets have the free option, you can unlock whatever planet or satellite you desire by purchasing the other in-app required if you feel that it is really worth it.

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