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Blood, Guts and Lust: Savage Tips for Remarkable Content

by amol238

My fingers are flying through this post.


Because it’s one of seven I have to write today.

Yet somehow – each and every day – I come up with new ideas for content.

How is this possible?

After all, you’d think after publishing 1,000 pages of content my creative tank might be running low, right?


In fact, I’d say I’m more ENERGIZED than ever… with more IDEAS than ever… and a whole freaking GRAB-BAG loaded with goodies just for you!

Hold on, this is gonna get bumpy…

Creative Commons License photo credit: VisitSweden

Blood, Guts and Battle Hymns

People love violence. Or at least, we’re attracted to it.

So you want attention? Break rules. Create carnage. And most of all – add a bit of the “ole ultra violence” into your writing.


Take a cold, lifeless post and inject vivid language. Make it visual… visceral… and most of all, make it VIOLENT.

Need examples? Look behind you!

Words like “carnage,” “visceral,” and “blood” kinda stick out, don’t they?

Here’s how you can do it: picture a body (human or animal) and all the things it’s made of. Blood. Guts. Bones. Spleens. Fur. Lungs. Hearts. Ideals.


Now… picture what that body could do. Run. Jump. Glide. Soar. Swim. Hunt. Eat. Fornicate. Whatever those images are in your mind, stuff them deep into your writing!

Lies and Warfare

You know what makes my blood boil?


Especially when they’re directed at me.

Lies have terrible consequences. Divorce. Wars. Long-standing political careers.

But you know what? Lies are GREAT for one thing: entertainment. We all know we’re being lied to… so when someone comes along and proves it (or at least tries to) we’re like “Aha! I knew it!”

So, dear reader, use this bit of psycho-logy to your advantage.

Here’s how: tell your readers they’ve been lied to. Then prove it to them.

For examples:

  • 7 Lies Teenagers Tell About Drug Use
  • 10 Lies Your Spouse Is Cheating On You
  • 5 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Being Lied To

Seriously, who wouldn’t read those? What type of walking corpse could pass those headlines without rubbernecking just a little?

Very few. Whole magazines (*cough* Cosmo) run rampant with these ideas. All thanks to the power of lies.

And if all else fails…

Steal for Fun and Profit.

Stealing is a good thing. You get ahead really fast if you steal. Just ask those guys in Enron.

Actually, don’t. You might catch whatever terrible soul-sickness those blood-sucking weasels have.

But stealing from yourself? Totally cool.

Here’s how:

Remember that killer post you wrote six months ago? Or last year? Well, guess what?

No one else does.

So why not steal it… give it some spit-shine… and shove it back into the limelight?

For examples:

Easy-peasy, right?


Now I must go. The wolves are after me.

But before I go, there is one more secret to remarkable content: don’t overstay your welcome.


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Andrew Stenning May 4, 2012 - 5:09 am

This is such an amazing blog. From this blog developers and designers both can get help easily. Thanks for such a nice posting. And I expect more from you. Thanks.

Aubrey Gordon May 4, 2012 - 5:33 am

You’re absolutely right! I never fail to buy “that magazine” whenever I come across some of the dreaded topics they have inside. 🙂 They always get my attention. Good points!

Adam Costa May 4, 2012 - 9:37 am

Glad you enjoyed the post – powerful writing leads to more shares/links/SEO/traffic/money.

So it pays to do it right 😉


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