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GeoSurf the Web from Any Location

by amol238


I’ve been a strong advocate of content and relevancy online. If you want to launch a product and make it a success online, you need to ensure that its relevant to your audience, if you want to start a blog you need to ensure that the content is relevant and reliable to your audience.

The content and relevancy also can be extended to software and apps, once such relevant proxy app that I’ve been using for a longtime is GeoSurf. Its unique proposition is highly relevant to internet marketers & webmaster who wish to buy proxy to surf the web.

Highly relevant unique proposition:

While you can see any website in the world from any browser, you will not be able to see targeted content and targeted ads in specific locations. ie. If you are in Toronto, Canada you will not be able to see ads that appear on Google for the US markets or in the UK market. This a big drawback of ads that are geo-location targets.

While it works well in conversion for the business, it does not help online marketers to check competition ads targeted locally.

How does the GeoSurf Toolbar help :

Once you download the GeoSurf toolbar and install it on your browser, you can have global access to website content and customized ads being server in the local markets. With the GeoSurf toolbar you can change your location and your IP based on your requirement from the toolbar itself.

Easy and Convenient to check competition ads being served in different locations. For example just by changing your location you can be physically present in Canada and see ads being served in UK or US or any other country.

GeoSurf Pricing

The New GeoSurf Plus v4.4Toolbar:

The new GeoSurf Plus 4.4 toolbar is available for download and have the below features that will enable a better and relevant browsing experience.

– More than 90 locations: The new version supports more than 90 locations (that’s almost the entire globe) along-with 25 designated areas in US. When you download the toolbar you automatically get the local perspective of internet users.
– Highly secure: Bi science the company behind the toolbar have their own network of high end servers, keeping all the information confidential.
– Very Fast connectivity: The connectivity and speed is amazingly fast, you can browse from 90 locations and it feels like you are locally connected.
– VPN option: With the toolbar, you also have the VPN option to change your IP address.

Check out the video below:

– The pricing is affordable, if you run a few website you can start with the Gold plan at $89 a month for 5 IP locations. The other pricing options are Platinum – $139 / month, Diamond $199/month and the Enterprise plan.

Limited Time Offer 20 % Discount
– GeoSurf toolbar is available at a 20 % discount for the first month with Coupon code 20today, this is a limited time offer and can be taken off anytime.

Download the GeoSurf toolbar. Let us know your experience.

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Aasma May 3, 2012 - 3:34 am

Certainly an interesting and useful toolbar, It would be crucial for you if you’re looking to target different countries. On the other hand has no use if you only want to target local market.

Jasmine May 4, 2012 - 2:00 am

GeoSurf toolbar looks really good, especially for Internet marketers like us. Good one, ZK!

Andrew Stenning May 4, 2012 - 5:14 am

Such a great toolbaar you have launched. Its really helpful to the people world wide. We expect more from your side. So keep us updated. Thanks.

irenelim May 11, 2012 - 11:46 pm

GeoSurf toolbar looks good, easy to use also. I think it’s useful for those Internet Marketers..


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