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5 apps to take that perfect selfie

by amol238

Camme Selfie App

Let’s face it, we’re all a bit self-obsessed of the “selfie” craze. Everybody’s doing it – and yours just doesn’t stand out anymore.

Get back in the game of gaining attention using these mobile apps created just for this purpose. So take your phone, click open the cam and say “selfieeeee”.

1. Go no hands! – with CamMe.
Tired of stretching your phone arm away from your face to get the maximum frame covered? Then try CamME! It allows a “no-hands” approach to click pictures.

Just mount your phone somewhere sturdy, raise your hand to activate the sensor, and close your first click the picture. Countless selfies in no time! Guaranteed no blur or shake.

It also has Photo booth options for continuous shutter pictures – and cool cut-outs to boost your images.

2. Take Two at Once – with FrontBack

This app allows dual pictures – it clicks two pictures in one go, using both front and rear cam.

You can now show the world not just your face but also the place you’re in. Perfect for travel instagrammers and couples! It also has a social feature to allow following and a reaction 5 second video tool.

3. Maintain a Selfie-journal – with Picr

This app reminds you to take one selfie every day and you can even create time-lapse videos or dynamic collages to share!

You can add music and text to your video as well and share it effortlessly. Check out Picr.

4. Give Yourself a Make-over – with Perfect365
Going beyond regular filters, this app allows you to change not just the image but also your face! From makeup to hair-styles, whitening teeth to removing blemishes – you can give yourself a complete digital makeover in no time and at zero cost.

5. Glam it up – with Modiface

If custom detail touch-ups are not your thing, try ModiFace which allows automatic spruce-ups at the tap of an icon.

For example: Tapping “Young” under the “Looks” section gives you larger shinier eyes.

Effects vary according to image – so play around, but sensibly. The last thing you want is your selfie to resemble an over-made up doll.

Do you selfie ? which selfie apps have you used?

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Jamie July 27, 2015 - 10:06 am

Great post. it is true that everyone loves selfies and at times it is difficult to get a picture that stands out. Those are amazing apps.


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