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The Best 5 Apps for Scanning Documents

by amol238

Scanner Apps

Gone are the days when you needed to carry crumpled paper in your pocket or had to meticulously copy down important notes from the board. All thanks to the advanced technology, there are some wonderful apps that can scan documents without any hitches.

Google Drive (Android/iOS)
– This wonderful app for Android phones is ideal to scan all kind of documents and can even execute optical character recognition on the data you want to scan. Good news is that Google drive is fully free on every platform and the app will meticulously save whatever data you have scanned not only on your device but also in your Google drive account that makes it absolutely safe.

Cam Scanner
– Suited for Android, iOS and Windows phone – This is one of the most popular and most commonly used apps that also come free. It is very user friendly and directly scans the data onto PDF. It also carries out OCR on your documents that will highlight vital data like dates, pricing and titles. They even perform auto cropping and augment the scanned drawings and sketches.

Genius Scan (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)
– This app made by Grizzly Labs is quite easy to use cross-platform scanning app that transforms clicking pictures or producing PDFs of sketches and notes extremely easy.

This app can automatically detach line up and increase the ultimate scan copy and transform it into PDF, saving it for later use. This app comes with simple editing gear including archiving and auto cropping. It comes with excellent customer support and gets regularly updated too.

Fine Scanner {iOS}
– Although this app is just an iOS, it can help to transform your ipad or iPhone into a wonderful scanning tool. It is equipped to scan multi-page notes ort bar receipts. Good news is that the OCR of this app supports around 44 languages.

Scannable {iOS}
– This app by Ever Note is ideal to scan sketches, business cards, receipts and all other important documents instantly. Suitable for use on the iPad and iPhone, this app is quite new and comes completely free of cost. The app is just ideal for you if you are already using Evernote.

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Manmohan Khangarot September 2, 2015 - 7:01 am

I personally use “Cam Scanner” in my phone for scanning and it does best for me. Thanks for the information 🙂


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