Google Chrome will use less RAM in the new update


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Google Chrome is a super browser, no doubt about that – except that it eats away large amount of RAM. It’s worse on the mobile device with large amount of process files taking all the RAM space. This slows down the speed of your computer and your mobile device – leaving you stuck with a dead screen more often.

The Google chrome team has been working on an update to ensure that the browser RAM usage is cut to half of what it does now. The team has worked tirelessly to include a V8 JavaScript code in the upcoming Chrome update. Chrome 54 will be launched with the new java script that will reduce chrome processing speed by half – for all Chrome users this is great news.

In a testing environment on different sites – the Chrome 54 update passed the test showing a reduced number of processes. However the real test will be on reducing the usage in lower end mobile phones with less RAM.

I am looking forward to the new Chrome browser update 🙂

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