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5 Easy Ways to Add Newsletter Subscribers on Your Blog

by amol238


Worried that you do not have enough newsletter subscribers on your newly set up or already existing blog? Well there is nothing to be alarmed about.

There are many ways in which you can improve this situation. However the important point is to keep up with it constantly.

Remember newsletters are not seen using search engines and if you do nothing to uphold it there are chances that it will not be found.

Here are some guidelines:

– As in any other business, one of the first things you can do is to attract subscribers by offering free additional benefits, like an ebook, or allowing them to advertise freely on your blog. Keep in mind that the more you offer, the better attracted they would be to subscribe.

– Have a subscriber in box or even include a special short form for subscription on the sidebar. This makes it far easy for people to submit their email id. The person who has designed your blog post can do this for you.

– It would be a good idea to have regular contests either weekly or monthly on the blog site, adding a clause that if they want to enter the contest they would have to subscribe.

It would be a great idea to promote this competition on some of your other sites too, thereby attracting more people to your blog and in the process you will find more people signing up for your newsletter.

– Exchange ads with other people having the same business. You could find others publishing newsletters who would agree to exchange ads if you search well on the web.

If you get people you meet interested in your kind of business and would like to have your advice there is every possibility that they will subscribe.

– You could also expose your blog post via social network sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and utilize banner ads to ensure that people are directed to your page for more traffic and increased subscriptions.

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