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7 Useful and Practical Tips for Quick and Effective Article Writing

by amol238

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I do not feel that content writing is time consuming and I believe that you can do efficient article writing by devoting only about 20 minutes, to each article. Some of you may feel that I am compromising on the quality of the content and that content is all important. Of course, in content writing nothing is more important than quality and lucidity of content and I never compromise on that.

However, I do not always have the luxury of time to devote hours to polishing and giving finishing touches to each and every blog post especially, when I have to follow strict deadlines and meet the demands of the business. With experience you learn efficient and time-saving techniques of article writing.

I could suggest seven effective tips that would help you compose an article in no more than twenty minutes and I can assure you that the article would definitely meet the required standard expected of content writing services. These tips will come in handy to produce articles that guarantee high degree of credibility and also, visibility to website readers, which is vital to SEO content writing.

1.Maintain an idea list.
– Sometimes, life becomes difficult for content writers and bloggers as they have no clue as to what topics to write on. You should rely on spontaneity of thoughts. As soon as, an inspiring thought strikes your mind, jot it down somewhere in a diary or word file. Do not forget to refer to your idea list. Once you know what topic to pursue on, it becomes easier and definitely, much quicker.

2.Nurture your ideas and give gestation period.
– You cannot expect to act immediately on a superb idea. Give yourself some time and plan, how to go about it and gather relevant and effective information. Once you are ready, you may transform your brilliant idea into an interesting and effective article.

3.Learn the importance of editing.
– Once you have chosen a topic to write on, it is imperative for you to choose only the most important and relevant ideas to include in your article. Learn to identify and cut out irrelevant stuff.

4.Keep it precise and short.
– A five hundred word article should be your aim when you intend to devote only twenty minutes to an article and be productive. Write in compact and lucid language. Your article should be precise and informative.

5.Never force yourself to write.
– Sometimes, you do not get the required flow of ideas while composing an article and you are stuck. Never force yourself to pursue at this point. Devote your time to some other articles till you are sufficiently equipped to resume writing on the topic concerned.

6.Use bullet points
– Develop a habit of writing in bullet form. Not only it is easy for you to organize your ideas, it is easier to hop from one idea to another without having to worry whether one point is gelling with the other. It is also, convenient and preferable for readers if your content has a list.

7.Never reserve a bright idea for later.
– Do not keep away topics that you think you can write easily on. If you wish to save your time right away, better write on topics you are confident on and you know you have adequate ideas to compose it quickly with perfection and finesse.

I am certain that by following these basic tips you can do justice to SEO content writing and meet the urgent requirements so typical of content writing services.

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Danny April 14, 2012 - 5:11 pm

Hi, Kushal:

I would say number one on your list list helps me the most with my article writing. I have an idea list sheet that when an article topic strikes, I quickly write down. This has helped me write on my blogs and sites, and for others as well.

Nice post.


branded items April 14, 2012 - 11:50 pm

I agree. These 20minutes you devote in writing, though daily, is really feasible. Given that you are not disturbed, during this short time. It just makes a lot of sense to really put both your heart and mind into it as your readers will know this when they read your article.

Robert Pattinson April 15, 2012 - 6:07 am

i am myself a content writer but after reading your article ..i can realize the mistakes which i was doing before in my articles which were the major source or loss in traffic on my blog..

Jasmine April 16, 2012 - 12:04 am

These are good and practical tips all writers or bloggers should posses. Thanks for this great piece, Kushal Biswas.

irenelim April 17, 2012 - 9:01 pm

I am not content writer, and always find that is very difficult for me to write very good quality contents. Thanks for sharing.


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